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The Banner used for the Canon Fodder after it merged with the Halo Community Update in July 2016.

Canon Fodder is a weekly blog section of the Halo Community Update written by franchise writer Jeff "GrimBrother One" Easterling and posted on Halo Waypoint, centering on the fiction of the Halo universe. It started as a section of Waypoint's weekly Halo Bulletin writeups and was made into its own separate blog in January 2015.[1] From July 15, 2016, to December 2, 2016, it was absorbed into the Halo Community Update as the Canon Fodder section,[2], but by December 7, 2016, had become a separate blog again.[3] Typically posted between Thursday and Saturday, Canon Fodder entries offer various forms of Halo lore-focused information, news about upcoming media, interviews with the developers of the franchise, as well as community Q&A sessions on fiction-related matters. Every blog post is typically accompanied by additions or updates into Waypoint's "Universe" encyclopedia.


The phrase "canon fodder" first originated on on September 25, 2011, when Grim used it in the title of a post going over a podcast he was in.[4] It was not until March 21, 2013 that the then-forum monitor Grimbrother One used the phrase to name a series of discussion threads on the Halo Waypoint forums that focused on specific media in the Halo universe.[5]


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