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August 3, 2020


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Favorite Halo moment

I kid you not, on page 203 of the Fall of Reach Dr Halsey turns herself into a pickle and calls herself "Pickle Halsey". Funniest shit I've ever seen.

Worst Halo moment

Reading all of the books just to realize that Master Chief's suit doesn't really jack him off.

Anything else

I've looked into the eyes of a man while I killed him. I thought that the experience of taking the life of another would make me feel powerful. Instead, as I watched the features of his face change from tense panic to a dead stare, I realized how powerless we truly are. No matter how much "power" we attain in our lives, the reactions that keep us alive cannot continue forever.

I thought that killing him would give me control, but one cannot control death. All I did was speed up an inevitable process. I looked down in horror at the corpse I had produced, the complex organism reduced to an organic pile of soon-to-be decaying flesh. I thought to myself, is this all we're here for? To keep our chemical reactions going until something forces us to stop? I don't know. All I do know is that I've got a higher k/d than you now.

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Hey, when sourcing please remember to follow our standardised guide. Thanks!


Hey, thank you so much for creating the pages for the Halo Infinite achievement! I'm happy to tell you I can take one thing off the workload: there's no need to use {{Title}} for most of the pages.

The only pages that would need that template would be pages with a bracketed addendum, like Aegis Fate (Halo Infinite achievement), where we would want to italicise the game title in the name, like so: {{Title|Aegis Fate (Halo Infinite achievement)}}. There's no need to hide the bracket part of the name, as per here.


Hey, when adding templates to articles there's no need to write Template:X - you can just write Template:X and it'll perform the same way (and makes it easier for us to manage. Similarly, the first letter of an article title, when linked, is case insensitive - so you can write a link to the Achievement page as [[achievement]]s to display achievements.


Hey, just figured I'd let you know. You can move pages to new titles. Deleting the content on them is unnecessary.


No worries, just figured I'd give a heads-up as its a button a lot of people (myself included) often miss when starting out. If you have any questions, feel free to message me here on ask in the Discord (linked in the banner at the top of the page), we have a pretty active community that can help out.