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Basic information
Real name



Bekasi, Indonesia


Bekasi, Indonesia


December 26th

Places I've lived

Cikarang, Bekasi


Don Bosco, IPEKA GW

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Recent activity
Edited the page Operation: HYPODERMIC
"Um...I read the book myself and it said January, not July."
Edited the page Red Team
"/* Fall of Reach splinter arrangement */"
Edited the page UNSC Tannenberg
Edited the page Operation: TORPEDO
Edited the page Spartan 1.1 faction
Edited the page Rani Sobeck
Edited the page Gemini
"/* Summary */"
Edited the page Cold Storage
"/* Cold Storage reports */"
Edited the page Voi Theater
"/* Trivia */"
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Personal information
Video games



Pizza, chicken, carrots


Cola, Oreo

Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

The Chief jumping through space with the bomb Escaping the Pillar of Autumn on the Warthog The Chief surviving Ackerson's attempt to kill him

Worst Halo moment

Sam getting blasted by some Jackal, forcing him to stay behind

Anything else

I like a lot of things.

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Um I responded...

"Hola there, the date 1 Jan 2608 is featured at the back of the limited edition "Operation Orders"."

That said please join the Halopedia Discord server. :) It will deffo help is manage stuff like this in a more fluid form and show sources faster than DMs here.


Hola there, the date 1 Jan 2608 is featured at the back of the limited edition "Operation Orders".


Oh I also wanna suggest joining the Discord Server!

It may help focus stuff and get you fast feedback.

More info here:


Tip: Please stop moving the }} to the previous line. I just noticed, and we have it on the next line so its easier to add/change info on the last input area without causing issues. Thankies.


While you cant really do much with it yourself atm (we are still doing a lotta work to it) here is the link to our Archive we are working on. May help provide a lil context to what I just said.


Oh old/current Waypoint links are part of an overhaul Halopedia is currently working on regarding our "Archive:" namespace. That is due to be more obvious in the coming weeks. :) Right now its archiving everything into so we can be 100% safe. Then we move onto the Archive namespace work. Then we move onto the source rehauls.

In the example you gave. I wouldnt worry about it too much right now as its already noted as a big part of "old waypoint" that it will be one of the first things sorted. (Its number 7 in my list)


Hey again, you caught me just as I was winding down for the night. As you said its essentially to reduce editing difficulty.

Among other factors like it looks neater and flows better. And big blocks of text push away editlrs.

Oh and the biggie. If a new section is added. The space is added automatically. Its such a standard that its baked into Mediawiki itself. I just made sure of that myself. So we'd be fighting the wiki itself.

Regardless we keep the space. :)


Hello there, first thanks for the edits. Now I have a favor cause I keep reverting the edits cause its kinda a issue.

Can you please stop removing the spaces after each header. We have them there so its easier to edit pages instead of them being 1 block of text.