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This article is about the assault on the Ark by the Banished. For other battles that occurred on the Ark, see Battle of Installation 00 (disambiguation).



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Battle of Installation 09

Attack on Installation 00
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Post-Covenant War conflicts


November 25, 2558[1]


Installation 00[1]


Banished victory[1]

  • Installation 00 occupied

United Nations Space Command[1]



Near total; only fifteen of the research outpost's personnel survived the initial attack

Very light


"That ship brought these monsters. Killed everyone I was supposed to protect."
— Isabel on the arrival of the Enduring Conviction[2]

On November 25, 2558, a ex-Covenant mercenary organization known as the Banished launched an attack on the UNSC research outposts established on Forerunner Installation 00.[1] The assault followed the unexpected shutdown of the installation's portal to Earth during Cortana's takeover of Earth.[6]


On October 28, 2558, the smart AI Cortana, leader of an AI conglomerate known as the Created, arrived at Earth with Forerunner Guardians. Firing an EMP blast at the planet, Cortana caused the shutdown of Earth's defenses.[6] In the wake of the attack the ancient extra-galactic Forerunner sanctuary known as Installation 00, or "the Ark", shutdown the Portal at Voi to prevent the Created from being able to access the installation.[7] With the slipspace portal gone the United Nations Space Command research teams on the installation's surface found themselves stranded.[4]

The attack[edit]

Survivors of the attack try to make it on their own.

"As we looked down at the horror below, we saw several hulking outlines move amongst the shadows. Jiralhanae, I think. Brutes. They were everywhere. The air was filled with the smell of burning ozone as a couple of bright, electric blue shapes arced their way toward us. We scattered as the plasma blast hit, vaporizing the trees nearby and showering us with ash and debris."
— Nathaniel Palmer describing the attack in his diary[1]

On November 25, 2558,[1] almost one month after the portal's shutdown, the Banished led by Warmaster Atriox, arrived at the Ark in their flagship, the assault carrier Enduring Conviction, leading a fleet comprised of their Jiralhanae, human, Sangheili, Unggoy, Mgalekgolo, and Huragok forces.[2] The Banished deployed Jiralhanae forces, Gydrozka Workshop Blisterback mobile missile platforms, Scarab assault platforms, Banshee aircraft, as well as other vehicles, and began raiding the UNSC research outposts on the surface. Though the UNSC inhabitants of the installation offered resistance against the invaders, they proved no match for the alien onslaught as they were mostly researchers and civilians.[1] One such research outpost, the Henry Lamb Research Facility, was attacked by Banished forces led by Atriox's lieutenant, War Chief Decimus,[4] before being directly bombarded by the Enduring Conviction's energy projector. A group of fifteen of the outpost's personnel, including archaeologist Nathaniel Palmer and scientist Brewer, managed to barely escape the assault.[1] By January 17, 2559, the group had atrophied to eight.[8]


After the attack, the Banished established their forces on the installation.

The destruction of the UNSC presence on the Ark allowed the Banished to establish their forces and set up salvage operations[4] on the installation before the eventual arrival of the long-lost UNSC vessel, the UNSC Spirit of Fire,[3] on March 28, 2559.[9]

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