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Gydrozka Workshop Siege Crawler
HW2 Blisterback render.png
Production information


Kordulaan War-Forge[1]

Technical specifications


14.2 meters (46.5 ft)[1]


15.1 meters (49.5 ft)[1]


8.6 meters (28.1 ft)[1]


108.9 metric tons (107.2 LT; 120.0 ST)[1]



In service:

Second Ark Conflict


Aerial Siege Vehicle




"Getting ready for a barrage."
— A Blisterback pilot during the Second Ark Conflict.[3]

The Gydrozka Workshop Siege Crawler, colloquially known as the Blisterback is a hexapedal heavy air vehicle designed and used by the Banished.[1]

Design details[edit]

The Blisterback is designed to alternate between two modes: On the ground,the Blisterback enters a lockdown mode, stabilizing itself before its carapace splits open, revealing a battery of long range Annihilator siege missiles for ground targets. It can then, exit lockdown mode to become airborne, closing the rocket carapace and tucking its legs underneath its body to perform a vertical take—off and enabling the use of its medium range plasma cannon to bombard enemy ground and air targets.[2] Blisterbacks were manufactured by the Kordulaan War-Forge and developed by the Gydrozka workshop.[4]

Operational history[edit]

Blisterbacks were deployed by the Banished during the group's conflict with the crew of the UNSC Spirit of Fire on Installation 00 in March 2559.[3] Multiple Blisterbacks were used in an attempt to stop UNSC forces led by Douglas-042 and Alice-130 from reinforcing UNSC troops on Installation 09.[5] More Blisterbacks were deployed in an attempt to seize control of the Halo's control room from Ellen Anders, but were likely destroyed when Anders used the ring's gravity anchors to launch the Banished forces into space.[6] The Banished also used it to hold the line at a base near around High Charity crash site that was besieged by the Flood; however, as the Flood began to overwhelm the Banished, Pavium choose to abandon the base, and the Blisterbacks remained there, likely either destroyed or captured by the Flood.[7]



Halo Wars 2[edit]

  • Info: Heavy Air, Can deploy to become artillery unit on the ground
  • Tier: 3
  • Cost: Population 7, Supplies 600, Power 50

Blisterbacks in Halo Wars 2 can be built by all Banished leaders at an Apex. While not deployed, Blisterbacks perform okay against infantry, vehicles, aircraft, and structures. Once deployed, they will perform very well against infantry, vehicles, and structures, but will not be able to attack aircraft. If they player chooses Decimus, if the player purchase passive fury and siphon, the Blisterback can deal slightly more damage and heal itself. When players purchase Voridus' Infusion Tech II, the unit will now leave a pools of Infusion on the enemies on siege mode.

In Blitz, Blisterbacks cost 120 energy and Enduring Blisterbacks cost 160 energy. Enduring Blisterbacks will deploy Grunt squads upon destruction. On gameplay, it is Banished's main artillery, suitable to counter UNSC's M400 Kodiak and to lay down suppression fire for ground units along with sieging the base.


  • If the player picks Shipmaster or Colony, if they both purchase their unit leader power ("Banished Raid II" for Shipmaster and "Vehicle Symbiote" for Colony) both of their Blisterbacks have increased siege range, despite that fact the leader power only effects "Ground Units" when the Blisterbacks is classified as a "air" unit.


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