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This article is about the Banished Chopper introduced in Halo Infinite. For other Chopper variants, see here.
Bolroci Workshop Attack Bike
A transparent image of the Halo Infinite Banished Chopper
Production information


Bolroci Workshop[1][2]
Armory of Barukaza[2]

Product line:


Technical specifications


6.7 meters (22.1 ft)[2]


3.0 meters (9.7 ft)[2]


3.1 meters (10.3 ft)[2]


1.2 metric tons (1.2 LT; 1.3 ST)[2]


Boosted gravity propulsion drive



One pilot[2]


In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts[1]



The Bolroci Workshop Attack Bike is a variant in the Chopper line of raiding vehicles, employed by the Banished.[1][2]


Design details[edit]

The Bolroci Workshop Chopper is a design by Bolroci Workshop that utilized the shared knowledge of six disparate Jiralhanae clans.[1][3] The majority of Choppers within the Banished fleet can be traced back to the Bolroci line. It is generally more lightly-armoured than other Chopper variants, but still nonetheless effective in combat.[2]

Like others of the line, the Bolroci Chopper is equipped with twin spike cannons and a sundering ram, used for plowing through infantry and vehicles.[2]


  • Catalus Chopper - a special variant of Chopper personally commissioned by Catulus, a commander within the Banished forces,[4] and used by Hyperius. The Catalus variant is equipped with gold plating in place of the Banished plating and deploys energy blades on the front and sides when boosting it.


The Bolroci Workshop Chopper is used by the Banished occupation fleet led by Escharum.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Battle for Installation 07[edit]

Main article: Battle for Installation 07

The Banished made use of this Chopper variant as they fought the United Nations Space Command for control of Installation 07 in 2560.[1] Hyperius made use of a variant of this Chopper called the Catalus Chopper.[5]

Production notes[edit]

During Season 01: Heroes of Reach of Halo Infinite the Chopper was glitched and could not destroy other vehicles by ramming, instead only doing damage while stationary or moving slowly. This was later fixed in Season 02: Lone Wolves.


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