Armory of Barukaza

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The Armory of Barakuza[1], or more simply Barakuza Workshop or Barukaza Armory[2], is a Jiralhanae-led clan workshop, responsible for manufacturing vehicles commonly employed by the Brutes.[3]


Barukaza are perhaps most commonly known for taking popularising the most common design for the Brute Chopper scout bike during the Human-Covenant War, based upon the design crafted by Huragok Lighter Than Some. This vehicle was later adopted and modified by the Sacred Promissory and rapidly proliferated throughout Covenant loyalist Jiralhanae forces in the lead-up to the Great Schism.[3] The Armory of Barukaza have since worked alongside the Banished, and manufacture the Ghost design originally created by Riuctda Workshop and the Chopper design originated from Bolroci Workshop.[1]


Ground vehicles


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