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This article is about the Shade turret model introduced in Halo Infinite. For other models of Shade turret, see Shade.
Bolroci Workshop Gun Pod
A Bolroci Workshop Shade at the Forge of Teash.
Production information


Bolroci Workshop[1]
Armory of Barukaza[1]

Product line:


Technical specifications


15.4 feet (4.7 m)[1]


11.3 feet (3.4 m)[1]


13.6 feet (4.1 m)[1]


672 pounds (305 kg)[1]


2 rapid-fire plasma cannons[1]


1 gunner


In service:

Created conflict





Shield-reinforced weapon mount fitted with plasma cannons. The plasma weaponry has a high rate of fire and never overheats, allowing for sustained suppressing fire.[2]

The Bolroci Workshop Gun Pod is a Banished anti-infantry gun turret and one of several turret models commonly identified as Shades.[1]


Design details[edit]

The Bolroci design of gun pod is designed from older models of Covenant-era Shades, with an overall design taking most visual reference from the Preksheda-pattern and Rizsheda-patterns. These old Covenant shades are given new life within the Banished. As with its predecessors, the Shade consists of a hovering gun pod suspended over a circular base, and is equipped with two plasma cannons.[1][2] The turret is fitted with energy shielding to cover the cockpit from frontal and side attack, providing increased protection compared to its forebears.[3][2]

Unlike the Covenant's vast numbers of Shade variations, the Banished preference for simplicity has seen them standardise their Shade turrets into only a handful of designs[1] - these include the Bolroci Shade and an unnamed design bearing more visual similarity to the Mamua'uda-pattern and Sho'riru-patterns - most heavily deployed by the Unggoy forces of Yapyap's rebellion.


The Bolroci Shade's most prominent deployment has been in the Banished occupation of Installation 07. Although typical Banished strategy dictates the rapid deployment of Shades to support raiding forces by defending callback sites and creating funnelling chokepoints for enemy forces, the drawn-out occupation of the ringworld has seen the turrets deployed in a more typical manner - used to support the defence of Banished outposts and captured United Nations Space Command Forward Operating Base sites across the installation.[1]

In-game information[edit]

Halo Infinite[edit]

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Banished Shade turrets appear in Halo Infinite as usable gun emplacements. These are the Bolroci Workshop variants, which resemble the Rizsheda-pattern Shade in appearance. The gunner is protected by shields at the front and along the sides, making it advisable to attack these turrets from the rear when possible.

Bolroci Workshop Shades are usable in both the campaign and multiplayer.


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