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"I do not understand the infatuation with these skittering thrustbugs, brother. The Skimmers present more nuisance than aid to our efforts. I am convinced they - much like their leader - have their own agenda."
— Grenadier Dalkura to Loft-Captain Gethmald[1]

Gasgira, also nicknamed Skimmers,[1] are a species commanded by the Harbinger during the Installation 07 conflict.[2][3]


Anatomy and physiology[edit]

The Gasgira are diminutive, large-headed creatures that share a number of physiological traits with the Xalanyn. They have six limbs, with two arms and four legs. Their hands are tridactyl (three-fingered), and all four of their feet bear one large toe at the front and a smaller toe at the ankle. Much like the Xalanyn, their feet bend backward in a hyperextended position that hinders terrestrial locomotion, so they make use of thruster "wings" for flight. They wear armor on their torso, head and "wings", red or white depending on rank.[2] Though most of their features are concealed by their armor, the undersides of their helmets reveal a superficially Xalanyn-like oral anatomy, and the exposed skin of their hands, feet and neck exhibit a bluish tone similar to the Harbinger's.


Halo Infinite[edit]

The Skimmers make use of weapons from any faction, carrying them from the hip as the weapon hangs below them. They primarily use the Shock rifle[2] as well as VK78 Commandos and M41 SPNKRs. All ranks throw Dynamo grenades. They have weak spots on their head and thrusters/wings. If killed by shooting a their wings, they explode in a burst of Hard light.


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