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"I do not understand the infatuation with these skittering thrustbugs, brother. The Skimmers present more nuisance than aid to our efforts. I am convinced they - much like their leader - have their own agenda."
— Grenadier Dalkura to Loft-Captain Gethmald[1]

Gasgira, also nicknamed Skimmers,[1] are a species commanded by the Harbinger during the Battle for Zeta Halo.[2]


Anatomy and physiology[edit]

The Gasgira are diminutive, swift creatures that share a number of physiological traits with the Xalanyn, though the lack of information regarding their differences makes it difficult to confirm.[3][4] They have six limbs, with two arms and four legs. Their hands are tridactyl (three-fingered), and all four of their feet bear one large toe at the front and a smaller toe at the ankle. Much like the Xalanyn, their feet bend backward in a hyperextended position that enables perpetual levitation rather than terrestrial locomotion, so they make use of thrusters made up of unknown, exotic material. They wear armor on their torso, head and thrusters, red for standard variants, white for ultra variants, or maroon for alpha variants, depending on rank.[5] Though most of their features are concealed by their armor, the undersides of their helmets reveal a superficially Xalanyn-like oral anatomy, and the exposed skin of their hands, feet and neck exhibit a bluish tone similar to the Harbinger.


Following the forced release of the Harbinger from her Cylix by the Banished using a prisoner of war: a UNSC combat medic named Lucas Browning, the Gasgira were initially hostile to both Banished and UNSC alike.[6] War Chief Escharum ordered all personnel within the Banished to integrate the Gasgira into their ranks to bolster the Banished alliance with the Harbinger. Some personnel including Commander Dalkura view the Gasgira with vitriol, even nicknaming them "thrustbugs".[1]

During the conflict, Spartan Griffin encounters a group of Gasgira patrolling Installation 07 led by a Skimmer Alpha. His dossier on them would be then relayed to John-117 and the Weapon. The duo would then encounter the Gasgira for the first time when they witness the creatures under the command of the Harbinger harass and eventually capture 117649 Despondent Pyre so that the Harbinger can kill her and extract the Monitor's encephalon.[2] The Gasgira would continue to be under the command of the Harbinger until her demise at the hands of John-117 at the Silent Auditorium.[7] The fate of the Banished alliance with the Gasgira after the Harbinger's demise remains unknown.[5]


Halo Infinite[edit]

The Gasgira make use of weapons from any faction, carrying them from the hip as the weapon hangs below them. The standard variant of the Gasgira primarily carries Sicatt Workshop Shock Rifles[2] or M41SPNKRs while the ultra variant carries VK78 Commandos. All ranks of Gasgira throw Sicatt Workshop Dynamo Grenades. They have weak spots on their head and thrusters/wings. If killed by shooting their wings, they explode in a burst of Hard light.


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