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Biological overview
Physical information


Humanoid body structure; four exterior nostrils, gill-like facial protrusions

Sociocultural information



Notable individuals:

"Gotta give her credit for her shout-out to the Yonhet, though. I mean, nobody remembers those guys."
Edward Buck on the Yonhet.[1]

The Yonhet are a humanoid sentient species associated with the Covenant. They are part of what is commonly known as the Covenant fringe, a collection of various alien species that used to serve the Covenant's interests in various peripheral roles. Named after their home moon, Yonhe, they are known as traders and smugglers.[2]


The Ark and Reseeding[edit]

The Yonhet were one of many species indexed by the Librarian as part of the Conservation Measure and preserved on Installation 00 from the firing of the Halo Array. They were subsequently returned to their homeworld, where they began rebuilding their culture.

A group of Yonhet.

The Covenant[edit]

In an unknown period of time, the Yonhet came in contact with the Covenant. They were viewed as militarily insignificant, and with a small population, there was little value in considering the Yonhet as full signatories to the Covenant empire. However, their talents and usefulness gave them flexibility and a high degree of tolerance within the Covenant. The Covenant did not doubt the Yonhet's loyalty due to their devout acceptance of the "Great Journey", although there was an element of cynicism to their adherence to the Covenant faith.[2]

Human-Covenant war[edit]

Many Yonhet remained in hiding during the Human-Covenant War, both because they felt it was a fight that was not theirs, and the growing scale of the conflict had made exploration and trade much too dangerous and difficult for them.[2]


Yonhet, along with humans and Unggoy, enslaved by Kig-Yar pirates on Ven III.

In the first post-war years, the Yonhet began to emerge in hopes that the coast was clear enough to make a profit from the fleeting peacetime and political uncertainty. Taking advantage of the chaos and confusion of the Treaty period, fledgling Covenant warlords turned to the Yonhet to take advantage of their natural skills, giving some Yonhet individuals trusted roles. Others were not as fortunate as some avaricious warlords instead oppressed and enslaved them.[2]


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The Yonhet seem to possess an innate talent for the acquisition of various difficult to find items. They are also noted to have a natural skill at "sniffing out" Forerunner relics, and despite their predisposition for trade and smuggling being in some ways similar to the Kig-Yar, many Sangheili consider the Yonhet more reliable.[2]

The native language of the Yonhet is known as Yonhetian, and many members of the species also speak the Fringe's trade pidgin.[2] As a distinguishing trait, Yonhet seemingly refer to themselves in the third person in everyday speech.[3]

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