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Axl is a Yonhet smuggler and trader.[1]


Axl, like many others of his species, largely remained in hiding until the Human-Covenant War was over, as the conflict had made smuggling and trade much too dangerous and difficult.[1]

At the conclusion of the war, Axl was a workless immigrant. In early 2556, Axl had come into possession of a lethal element which only targeted humans. He traveled to the Outer Colony planet Sedra to deliver the weapon to a terrorist group. After waiting for some time by Morning Lake, Axl met with a Sangheili Zealot and completed the transaction.[2] However, Axl was identified by a Sedra Environmental Security surveillance camera and the location of the deal was discovered by an Office of Naval Intelligence unit.[3] With the transaction complete, the Zealot departed the location and ONI agent Gregory Ramos proceeded to arrest Axl.[2] After the Zealot carried out an immediate terrorist attack in the City of Sedra, Axl was brought into questioning by Sergeant Samantha Wisner of the Sedran Colonial Guard.[4]

With the help of translation software, Wisner questioned the Yonhet, who insisted that he was a legal citizen of the colony. Axl's lack of cooperation led to Wisner briefly holding him at gunpoint. The initial interrogation proved fruitless, with Axl claiming that he did not know anything about the attack.[4] Colonel Randall Aiken later violently interrogated Axl. However, ONI agent Jameson Locke was able to communicate with the Yonhet and persuaded Axl to reveal what information he knew.[2]

Personality and traits[edit]

Axl was a pious follower of the Covenant religion, even after the Human-Covenant War and the Covenant's dissolution. During his initial interrogation at the hands of Samantha Wisner, he insisted that the Great Journey was real and that nothing could stop it from occurring.[4] Upon arriving at Sedra, Axl began to regret his dealings with the Sangheili, as he regarded the entire race as "reckless" and "fools". Axl was an established smuggler, typically operating in the Covenant fringe territory, and was considered to be dangerous by the Unified Earth Government.[3] He was capable of speaking Yonhetian and a Covenant trade pidgin.[1]


Axl is portrayed in Halo: Nightfall by Northern Irish actor Jonathan Harden.[5]


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