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Unidentified Sangheili Zealot (Sedra)

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Unidentified Sangheili Zealot (Sedra)
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February 7, 2556 (Sedra)

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"It's only...just beginning!"
— The Zealot's last words[1]

This unidentified Sangheili was a Zealot responsible for the terrorist attack on Sedra City.[1]


On February 7, 2556, the Zealot was deployed to Sedra, a human Outer Colony with a mixed-species population, to test the effectiveness of a bomb carrying an element fatal to humans, but not other races. After being deployed from a Spirit, the Zealot met with the Yonhet smuggler Axl in a forest near Sedra City, who gave him the bomb. Finding a city access tunnel, the Zealot slipped in, only to discover that Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke of the Office of Naval Intelligence was following him. Unsheathing an energy sword, the Zealot tried to kill Locke, but the ONI agent managed to slip into a closet.[1]

Rather than finish off Locke, the Zealot fled from the fight to reach a mall in the city. Making his way several floors up, the Zealot readied the bomb for detonation when Locke managed to jump on top of the Zealot, breaking through the Zealot's energy shield with a magnum. Having the Zealot, Locke told the Sangheili to give him the bomb. Saying that this was the beginning, the Zealot jumped off the balcony. The Zealot was killed on impact, but not before he activated the bomb.[1]


The Sedra Zealot wore blue Hesduros-style armor like that of Jul 'Mdama.


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