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Null state stasis container

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Unidentified speaker: "Is it hermetic? Zero energy state?"
Christian Ramsay: "Yeah, basically. No energy, no atomic movement. Bulletproof, small."
— Smuggler Christian Ramsey and his mysterious contact discuss obtaining a null state stasis container.

A Null state stasis container is a rare device containing stasis refrigerant[1] which is used to preserve items, but can also be used to store and transport people, as well as volatile elements for bombs or biological agents.[2] These containers are able to contain radioactive materials, Office of Naval Intelligence keyword flagging extrapolated something that could cause a possible Hawking-Gamma leak as a use for the device.[2] While sealed, the device allows no atomic movement, placing the contents in a zero-energy state.[2] A "museum-grade" container with a volume of approximately ten cubic meters was small enough to be held in one hand by an Elite Zealot.[3] The Yonhet smuggler Axl carried the device easily in a messenger bag.[4]

Due to their rarity, and the dangerous potential they possess, the devices are numbered and sequenced by the UNSC, which owns the majority of the devices in existence.[2] Due to the nature of its contents, an important safety feature of the device used in the terrorist attack on Sedra City was that it was bulletproof.[2] Though it is unclear as to whether it was related to its contents, the device was able to remain aloft, floating a good distance above the ground before expelling its payload throughout Sedra City.[5]

During a conversation with his mysterious contact, smuggler Christian Ramsey said that getting such a container as far out as Sedra would take a miracle, however, he was able to smuggle one in with an existing shipment of goods, the paperwork showing it as freeze-dried produce.[2][6]


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