Null state stasis container

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Image of the "Museum-grade" Null state stasis container used in the terrorist attack on Sedra City
The null state device used in the terrorist attack on Sedra City.

Unidentified speaker: "Is it hermetic? Zero energy state?"
Christian Ramsay: "Yeah, basically. No energy, no atomic movement. Bulletproof, small."
— Smuggler Christian Ramsey and his mysterious contact discuss obtaining a null state stasis container.

A null state stasis container is a rare device containing stasis refrigerant[1] which is used to preserve items, but can also be used to store and transport people, as well as volatile elements for bombs or biological agents.[2]


Null state containers are able to contain radioactive materials. Office of Naval Intelligence keyword flagging extrapolated something that could cause a possible Hawking-Gamma leak as a use for the device.[2] While sealed, the device allows no atomic movement, placing the contents in a zero-energy state.[2] A "museum-grade" container with a volume of approximately ten cubic meters was small enough to be held in one hand by an unidentified Elite Zealot.[3] The Yonhet smuggler Axl carried the device easily in a messenger bag.[4]

Due to their rarity, and the dangerous potential they possess, the devices are numbered and sequenced by the United Nations Space Command, which owns the majority of the devices in existence.[2] Due to the nature of its contents, an important safety feature of the device used in the terrorist attack on Sedra City was that it was bulletproof.[2] Though it is unclear as to whether it was related to its contents, the device was able to remain aloft, floating a good distance above the ground before expelling its payload throughout Sedra City.[5]

During a conversation with his mysterious contact, smuggler Christian Ramsey said that getting such a container as far out as Sedra would take a miracle, however, he was able to smuggle one in with an existing shipment of goods, the paperwork showing it as freeze-dried produce.[2][6]

Known null state containers[edit]

Icon of the UTIL/Null Bag Pack Utility.
The UTIL/Null Bag issued to Spartans.

UTIL/Null Bag[edit]

The UTIL/Null Bag issued to Spartan operatives is part of a series of UTIL equipment employed by the UNSC. It is product of research undertaken by Project: ARC DREAM, and is manufactured by the Watershed Division. Null bags are capable of blocking all signals including the energy bursts used by Forerunner technology. Operators issued null bags are advised to never place living creatures inside the containers.[7]


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