Halo: Nightfall: Outbound Cargo - Part 1

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Outbound Cargo - Part 1 is a Second Story of Halo: Nightfall's Episode 3: Lifeboat Rules. It features smuggler Christian Ramsay being contacted about a null state stasis container.[1]

Halo Channel summary[edit]

Deft smuggler and contraband specialist Christian Ramsey is contacted regarding the potential acquisition of a null-state stasis container. Though Ramsey initially balks at the request, it’s possible he might still be persuaded.


Ramsay's side of the transmission is examined by a program. His crimes are listed beside him. A city is seen behind him.

  • Unidentified speaker: "We're still speaking, so a part of you must like it. We have another request of you."
  • Christian Ramsay: "What is it?"
  • Unidentified speaker: "We require a null state stasis container."

The term "null state stasis container" is flagged by the program as a keyword. Ramsey laughs. As he does, his identity is examined by the program.

  • Unidentified speaker: "Told you it was challenging."
  • Christian Ramsay: "That'd take a miracle. Especially this far out."
  • Unidentified speaker: "The rate will match the risk."
  • Christian Ramsay: "Most of our cargo's preserved or inert goods. How big? What are you trying to freeze here? People, or something more volatile?"
  • Unidentified speaker: "You once told us you didn't wish to know."
  • Christian Ramsay: "You're right. I don't. Regardless, they're numbered. They're sequenced. Most are UNSC property. It could take months."

Ramsay's confidence levels are monitored, while the program identifies perspiration on him and that he is nervous. An ambient noise is detected.

  • Unidentified speaker: "You're panicking. Our client is eager and wealthy."

Unintelligent sounds are heard.

  • Unidentified speaker: "Since you've delivered before, I'll personally see if they're willing to up the percentage."
  • Christian Ramsay: "I do like eager. I might be able to get you a small case. Maybe 10 cubic meters. Museum grade."

As he speaks, his levels of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty are monitored.

  • Unidentified speaker: "Is it hermetic? Zero energy state?"

"Zero energy state" is identified as a keyword.

  • Christian Ramsay: "Yeah, basically. No energy, no atomic movement. Bulletproof, small."
  • Unidentified speaker: "Sounds like we may have a deal."

Ramsey shuts off the communications.


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