Apt. 117

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This article contains information about a non-canonical subject that, while official, is not part of the established Halo universe.
Apt. 117
Apt 117 logo.png

Directed by:

Jason Williams[1]

Produced by:

Alison Stroll[1]
Rachel Citron[1]


Powerhouse Animation with 343 Industries[1]

Written by:

Micah Lincoln[1]
Jeff Freeman[1]


Micah Lincoln[1]
Jeff Freeman[1]

Release date(s):

October 10, 2010 (1 episode, on Halo Waypoint) [2]

Available in:



Apt. 117 was a planned ongoing Halo Waypoint series in development in 2010.[3] It was swiftly removed by 343 Industries after episode 1 released on October 10, 2010 for an undisclosed reason and was presumed cancelled.[2]


Apt. 117 follows the antics of a boring average guy named Jeff, who lives with a Halo obsessed person named Micah in Apartment 117 in apartment complex Autumn Pillars.


Episode 1[edit]

Episode 1 of the show has Jeff and Micah argue over Micah never going shopping and playing Halo instead. Jeff then proceeded to turn off the TV that Micah was playing on leading to Jeff to taking them both to Store Mart. Micah then was not enthusiastic till Jeff had the idea to turn it into a game.



The trailer released publicly on the 7 October 2010, detailed the company Powerhouse Animations. After the company details were shown, in 3am Micah is shown to be relaxing in a bath tub singing the Halo theme through a cardboard tube, when Jeff bursts through the door complaining. Micah then proceeds to tell Jeff they are going to be characters in a show. Jeff sarcastically doesn't believe him calling Micah an idiot, to which Micah takes out a nailgun he modified to look like a needler and shot in the direction of Jeff missing him.

Background and development[edit]

On September 24, 2010, the first episode of Apt. 117 was officially revealed by Powerhouse animation in a blog post; the blog post announced a panel at Fantasic Fest that discussed how the project came about with a showing of the first episode.[4] The panel consisted of Micah Lincoln (writer, voice, animator), Brad Graeber (Powerhouse CEO), Alison Stroll (producer, 343 Industries), Jeff Freeman (writer, voice, animator), Rachel Citron(producer), and Jason Williams (Director).[1]



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