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The Frieden movement was a violent movement based on a fascist ideology that arose in the Europan city of Katreus[1] in the mid-22nd century. It formed partially in response to the rise of the communist Koslovics and perceived oppression by the United Nations. "Frieden" means "peace" in German — in this case, the Frieden believed that peace could only be achieved once the "oppressors on Terra Firma" were eliminated.[2]


The Frieden movement was birthed largely due to anti-Koslovic sentiment in the Jovian Moons. It was supported by Unified German Republic corporations, who had been frequent targets of Koslovic "workers' crusades". The movement did not begin with violence, but following its inception it quickly escalated to it. In 2158, the Friedens targeted an embassy in Thynia, a city on Europa, leveling the structure with military-grade explosives. This led the United Nations to declare the Friedens terrorists, as it had previously done with the Koslovics. At this, the UN also dispatched colonial advisors to Io to help organize policing efforts in the area. In the years that followed this first violent attack, the group rapidly accrued support and resources as Frieden ideology and influence spread quickly across the Jovian Moons, Mars, and Luna. During this period, acts of terrorism continued.

By 2160, the conflicting beliefs of the Friedens and Koslovics had sparked a full-scale war between the two factions. The battles waged between the two factions were dubbed the Jovian Moons Campaigns, signifying the theater of operations they were fought in. At the outset of the war, the Friedens attacked the United Nations colonial advisers on Io. The United Nations could do little in response, since the UNSC was not yet formed at this point. The death toll of the Jovian Moons Campaigns was substantial, but by late 2161, the fighting subsided and there was peace for several months. Some dared to speculate that the worst had passed. The conflict had not vanished, however; it had only relocated. In February of 2162, however, a series of bombings in South America, on Earth, began a nineteen-month series of conflicts that would come to be known as the Rainforest Wars. Engagements spread across the continent and before long violence between the warring factions had been reignited throughout the Sol system.

It was near the close of the Rainforest Wars in 2163 that the Friedens actually began to fight amongst themselves. Reformers within the movement wished to bring an end to the fighting by negotiating with the newly-formed United Nations Space Command. It is likely that they predicted their cause would not last much longer following the establishment of such a powerful military organization. These Neo-Friedenists hoped that a peaceful solution could be reached whereby their movement still retained some measure of autonomy over some territories in the Sol system. This splinter faction originally appeared to be just as opposed to the UN as the rest of the Friedens, but developments during the close of the Rainforest Wars finally pushed them to directly oppose not the UN, but the larger Frieden movement.[3]

In November of 2163, the Friedens suffered a critical loss, as their leader, Nadja Mielke, was assassinated on her way to a command center in the Europan city of Pelagon. This enraged the Friedens, and in December they retaliated against the Koslovics with nearly all military assets at their disposal. A large-scale campaign against Argyre Planitia, the hub of Koslovic activity on Mars, obliterated the city within hours.[4] The UNSC entered the fray in January of 2164, and it was then that the Interplanetary War officially began. When UNSC forces began to approach the Delambre crater on Luna, which the Friedens had established control over, Neo-Friedenists within the ranks took up arms against the rest of the group.[3] The resulting bloodbath was dubbed the Battle of Delambre. Europa, Io, Ganymede, and Callisto all saw massive invasions by Marine forces during the Interplanetary War, resulting in the destruction of hundreds of Frieden bases and weapon caches. The last of the Friedens fought savagely under Oscar Bauer, nephew of Nadja Mielke, but by mid-2169, little remained of the movement. At long last, the United Nations penned the Callisto Treaty: a ceasefire agreement that gave the UNSC complete military jurisdiction in all colonial territories. The treaty was signed in March of 2170 on the Jovian moon of Callisto.[2]


The splintering that took part within the Frieden movement is still of interest to historians and sociologists in the 26th century, especially in relation to the actions of some insurrectionists during the Human-Covenant War.[3]

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