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This article is about the Meridian political party. For the San'Shyuum title, see Steward.

The Stewards were a political party based on the human Outer Colony of Meridian. Shortly after the world's colonization in 2431, some settlers wanted Meridian to stay untouched and largely undeveloped, while others sought to expand and build settlements across the surface of Meridian; these groups became political parties known as the Stewards and the Prospector Party, respectively. However, these debates came to an end when rich mineral deposits were discovered in Meridian's Mathon Mountain Range, leading to a rush of new development as many settlers attempted to gain a profit from the deposits.[1]

The new development led to success for the Prospector Party, though the Stewards were not deterred.[2] In 2457, the Stewards launched the Free Patriot Movement, a lengthy campaign that led to conflict on the world fueled by antagonistic political ideologies.[3] The Stewards soon gained control of Meridian and were eventually recognized by the Colonial Administration Authority, ending years of discord.[2]

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