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This article is about the audio logs found in Halo 5: Guardians. For other uses, see Audio log (disambiguation).

Mission Intel are objects found in the Halo 5: Guardians campaign. Replacing the Terminals from the previous games, Mission Intel are audio logs that fill the player in on backstories to various characters and events as well as an insight into their minds. Unlike the Terminals which were all identical in appearance, Mission Intel are depicted in different ways depending on the faction (i.e: Swords of Sanghelios/Jul 'Mdama's Covenant data discs and UNSC data pads). There are a total of 117 Mission Intel pieces that can be found throughout the campaign.[1]


Osiris contains seven pieces of Mission Intel.

Halsey Research Notes 1/4[edit]

Dr. Catherine Halsey's notes on signal observation - 00:17

  • "The signal is consistent with previous, I hesitate to call them, messages; that implies communication. This is more like, echolocation. A signal bouncing off Forerunner objects. Mapping! Searching for something. But what? What could she think to find?"

Halsey Research Notes 2/4[edit]

Dr. Catherine Halsey's notes on excavating the signal's focal point - 00:11

  • "We have penetrated the structure that was a focal point for the last signal. I have yet to gain access to anything informative. Jul's people are more concerned with ceremony than allowing me to do my work."

Halsey Research Notes 3/4[edit]

Dr. Catherine Halsey's notes on discovering a Forerunner glyph - 00:17

  • "Attained scans of new Forerunner glyphs. One is completely new. Running the other through the system revealed it contains a similar design to an ancient Sangheili symbol. This symbol referred to a demon who sleeps in the ground and must not wake. How this relates to the signal I am unsure."

Halsey Research Notes 4/4[edit]

Dr. Catherine Halsey's notes on erratic Forerunner signals - 00:15

  • "All of the readings I would expect from a Forerunner structure of this scale are erratic at best. I am beginning to wonder if the signal is in fact bouncing off these locations as I theorized or if she is trying to access them directly, and failing."

Jul 'Mdama's Log[edit]

Excerpt from Jul 'Mdama's operations log - 00:14

  • "The native defense system has been disabled, but Halsey was not able to bring the alert system down in time. Promethean forces will arrive within the hour. This human is more trouble than she is worth."

Unggoy Personal Log 005[edit]

Excerpt from the personal journal of Kibkib Yany, a Covenant Grunt - 00:16

  • "Jul 'Mdama, he say we go to Kamchatka and get big weapons, but this place is so cold. I hate it. But maybe, if weapon big enough, it can smash the Arbiter! I hope he goes squish when it happens. Or maybe pop, pop!"

Covenant Combat Orders 0283[edit]

Combat orders issued by Jul 'Mdama - 00:12

  • "Fall back to the perimeter of the holy site and hold the line! If you allow so much as a Crawler to get past you, I will remove your head myself!"

Blue Team[edit]

A total of eight Mission Intel pieces can be found on Blue Team.

Test Results: Asteroidea 59B[edit]

Results of compound Asteroidea 59B tests - 00:13

  • "Compound Asteroidea 59B results observed. While subjects were sickened, they all recovered, with no recorded fatalitites. Need to return to the formula and find a way to increase toxicity."


  1. At the end of the first part of the level, go to the area immediately before the catwalk to Central Control.
  2. Jump up the ledges until you get to the largest one.
  3. The data pad is on the largest ledge, near the Blaze of Glory that can be found in a smaller enclosed ledge.

Test Results: Asteroidea 61F[edit]

Results of compound Asteroidea 61F tests - 00:12

  • "Compound Asteroidea 61F results observed. While observed morbidity in subjects was...satisfactory, LD50 level not adequate! Need to be able to reach a level that maximizes efficiency."


  1. In the second part of the mission, once you clear the group of Covenant that includes an Elite Zealot, go to the area where several crates block a small tunnel.
  2. Smash the crates out of the way and crouch through the tunnel into a small, dark room that has a Hydra Launcher inside.
  3. To the right of the Hydra is the data pad.

Test Results: Asteroidea 472A[edit]

Results of compound Asteroidea 472A tests - 00:12

  • "Compound Asteroidea 472A: results observed. We almost have a candidate here. Sufficient morbidity. Adequate LD50. However, we must shorten its half-life."


  1. Take the elevator into the lab where the first Hunter pair is fought.
  2. The data pad should be found ahead, next to a dead body.

Argent Moon: Station Warning[edit]

Warning for any ONI personnel who board Argent Moon - 00:15

  • "This is Rooker, ship A.I. Argent Moon. Recording this as a warning to any ONI personnel who try to reclaim Argent Moon. Her air is not safe for humans to breathe. I repeat, her air is unsafe."


  1. Upon starting the level, follow the path towards the data center.
  2. Before you walk on the path that leads to the first room with enemies, stop and look at the blue computer terminal nearby. Here, you will record the station log.

Log 2557 3-17 1231 SMT 1/4[edit]

Argent Moon log recorded by RKR 1206-5 - 00:14

  • "Difficult to record this. We now have 100% fatality rate from the Asteroidea accident. Those near the accident site died almost instantly. Liquidized from the inside out. They were the lucky ones."


  1. Once you enter the first room with enemies, enter the door next to where a Grunt was inspecting a computer terminal.
  2. Enter the next room and go to a small alcove with a weapons cache on the left and the blue computer terminal at the back.

Log 2557 3-19 1653 SMT 2/4[edit]

Argent Moon log recorded by RKR 1206-5 - 00:13

  • "It was vaporized and quickly entered the air system. It slowly spread through the rest of the station. Symptoms took minutes or hours to arrive, depending on distance from epicenter. None of the crew escaped its effects."


  1. After clearing all Covenant forces in the dark areas, enter the room where you can see Covenant ships exiting slipspace through a window.
  2. To the right is a door that leads to the lab where the first Hunter pair is fought. Open the door, and the computer terminal will immediately be in front of you.

Log 2557 3-19 1654 SMT 3/4[edit]

Argent Moon log recorded by RKR 1206-5 - 00:13

  • "Following the massive failure of containment protocols, I'm making the decision to quarantine the ship. I've set a course that will keep it clear of any inhabited systems, and jettisoned what remains I can into open space."


  1. Enter the reactor room and drop down onto the lowest floor.
  2. The computer terminal with the Mission Intel is on the left.

Log 2557 9-12 613 SMT 4/4[edit]

Argent Moon log recorded by RKR 1206-5 - 00:13

  • "I am now six months past- past my expiration date. It's clear that I can't manage this station any longer. I never could, and so I am initiating final dispensation."


  1. After destroying the coolant pipes in the reactor center, enter the hangar where the ONI Acrisius Prowler is stationed.
  2. Walk into the room where you can see the Prowler through the windows. The computer terminal with the Mission Intel is on the left.


Six pieces of Intel can be found on Glassed.

Evelyn Collins: Meridian Day 1[edit]

Excerpt from the journal of Evelyn Collins - 00:20

  • "It's a hell of a return to your home...find it completely different. Ruined. I couldn't prepare myself for the cold feeling that struck my heart when that elevator rolled down through the planet's atmosphere. The world I knew...was gone."

Evelyn Collins: Meridian Day 5[edit]

Excerpt from the journal of Evelyn Collins - 00:28

  • "We started...cutting through the glass today. Making a road to a site they've picked out to set up a shanty town they call Meridian Station. I'm starting to wonder if I can do this. Most of the folks here are signed up for the profit. I'm the only one who’s here, trying to take something back! But there's just so much...I look out on that sea of glass and I...I wonder if it can ever really be done."

Evelyn Collins: Meridian Day 17[edit]

Excerpt from the journal of Evelyn Collins - 00:24

  • "Today I found myself working alongside another former colonist. Tough old broad named Lorie, Told her about what I'd been feeling. She laughed in my face! She told me, 'Sister, you gotta forget about what Meridian was, and think about what it could be.' I like that. So now, when I chip away the glass, I picture a new world we're making."

Shipment Received 2558-8-11[edit]

Manifest of goods received on 2558-8-11 from \[redacted\] - 00:13

  • "Got a new shipment in from Bozo: a Warthog, three Mongeese, and five Pelicans. Checked them, and they're all completely clear of identifiable markings. Bozo, contrary to his nickname, knows his business."

The History of Meridian 1/6[edit]

Free Frontier Education presents the History of Meridian - 00:19

  • "I've been putting together a retrospective on Meridian in these, her final days. Records indicate that 139 ships, carrying 70,003 souls arrived on this green ball in 2432. Since many of those settlers came from France, they named the first town Avignon, and established the colony of Meridian."

The History of Meridian 2/6[edit]

Free Frontier Education presents the History of Meridian - 00:19

  • "Early on, there was a big debate over the future of Meridian. Some wanted it to stay unspoiled and undeveloped. Others wanted to build it out. The debates between these Stewards and Prospectors came to an end when rich mineral deposits were found in the Mathon Mountain Range, causing a rush of new development as everyone tried to claim their piece."

Meridian Station[edit]

Eight pieces of Intel are available on Meridian Station.

Laser Operator's Personal Log[edit]

Meridian settler Priya Singh makes a mandated post-trauma entry - 00:09

  • "I found a body in the glass today. Shook me up. Doc Cale said I should talk about it, so here, I'm talking about it. Think I'm done now."

Meridian: Speculative Overview[edit]

A brief analysis of the extent of Meridian's glassing by William Khaleed - 00:22

  • "Meridian didn't get it too bad. They hit the human settlement hard, sure, and the plasma bombardment boiled some of the oceans off, but there was enough atmosphere to hold some steam in. Covies did a rush job, and the planet survived. Less than a third is lechatelierite. So we chip away at the worst parts like cutting away the rot off an apple. Quick job. Should be done inside of twenty years."

Excavation Team Personal Log[edit]

Excavator William Khaleed discusses the emotional toll of deglassing - 00:25

  • "The plasma they use to glass planets burns so hot most stuff just vaporizes. But sometimes there's a flicker in the beam and the temp drops just enough. That's how get you stuff that's still intact. And yeah, sometimes you get bodies. It's ugly, but I didn't get hung up about it. What gets me though is the dogs. Just excavated a homestead and there was a leash leading under the porch. So I'm taking the day off."

Deglass Team Personal Log[edit]

Deglasser Micah Durbec finds biological life beneath the glass - 00:19

  • "Cleared deep the other day. Cut through what used to be a forest. Dug through the glass and cracked right into a natural cave formation. Found actual plant life and pools of standing water with little white bugs hopping around in 'em. After working sterile glass for so long, seeing those bugs done me a world of good."

Deglass Team Incident Report[edit]

Deglasser Micah Durbec reports a subterranean structure of unusual metal - 00:20

  • "Running a top-level deglass south of the populated area, and we hit some kind of metal we couldn't cut through. Ran a pulse, and we got echoes of a subterranean structure or something. I don't know, I'm not on the anthro team. The thing is, there's loose soil beneath it, so whatever that metal is, it shrugged off a direct plasma bombardment. Damnedest thing."

Settler Personal Log, ID 4259[edit]

Meridian settler Priya Singh looks for meaning in glassing aberrations - 00:29

  • "The high winds the plasma kicks up? Scatters things for miles. Stuff can get thrown into the molten soil, and if it doesn't burn up, it- it sticks like a fly in amber. Or things get caught in bubbles of ash, like inside a snow globe. Sometimes things just happen. Like finding one single house, untouched in a glass field. Figure that's just to help us remember. Make us remember."

Settler Personal Log, ID 6421[edit]

Meridian settler Michelle Rivera imagines the future - 00:17

  • "Up on a station, everything's white and gray and bland. Some folk are afraid of any place the corners aren't round. Wouldn't dream of living down here, where the ground is ash and glass. Good riddance. Few years' time, kids who come up on Meridian are going to run this system. Bet your life."

Settler Personal Log, ID 0991[edit]

Meridian settler Joyce Leblanc defends Governor Sloan's rampancy onset - 00:19

  • "I don't get the guys who spend all day worrying about Governor Sloan. You can't deny he does a hell of job. Sure, he does that thing where he talks with two voices sometimes, but most folk do the same thing. Just aren't courteous enough to do it out loud. Doesn't bother me. I know he's got Meridian's best interests at heart."


There are seven pieces of Intel on Unconfirmed.

Message from Apogee Station 1/3[edit]

Message from miner Matt Riley regarding the anomaly at Apogee Station - 00:15

  • "Governor, just got a message from Thivyanathan. Losing his mind. Said he found something in the rock near Meridian Station. Unknown material, and too damn big to be man-made anyway. I need to check his readings, but I wanted to give you a heads-up."

Message from Apogee Station 2/3[edit]

Message from miner Matt Riley regarding the anomaly at Apogee Station - 00:13

  • "Governor, Thivyanathan talked me into letting him take a crew to see what was under the rock. He found, well, it looks like metal. Not slag. Nothing I know. I'll send you some sample readings shortly."

Message from Apogee Station 3/3[edit]

Message from miner Matt Riley regarding the anomaly at Apogee Station - 00:11

  • "Hey, Thivyanathan! Sloan's saying to force it open. He can't wait to see what's behind that door. He figures that Liang Dortmund might pay us a bonus if we find something good. Here's hoping for a finder's fee, yeah?"

The History of Meridian 3/6[edit]

Free Frontier Education presents The History of Meridian - 00:19

  • "Free Frontier Education presents The History of Meridian, Part Three. Despite the early success of the Prospector Party, the Stewards gained control of Meridian after a lengthy campaign known as the Free Patriot Movement. The Colonial Administration Authority eventually recognized the Stewards, ending years of strife."

The History of Meridian 4/6[edit]

Free Frontier Education presents The History of Meridian - 00:13

  • "Free Frontier Education presents The History of Meridian, Part Seven. Military production served as the colony's primary source of revenue, and the contract for the Scorpion MBT ensured Meridian's bright future."

Drill Operator's Personal Log 1/2[edit]

Drill Operator Philip Mistral comments on UNSC gel technology - 00:20

  • "Equipping a team to rehabilitate a glassed planet means accounting for its extreme conditions. Uniforms have to deal with extreme cold surface temps, as well as the heat generated by drills. Liang Dortmund set us up with some UNSC-developed tech, "gel-layer" they call it. Goes on under your clothes and keeps temperatures steady. This stuff is magic."

Drill Operator's Personal Log 2/2[edit]

Drill Operator Philip Mistral addresses Meridian's air quality - 00:20

  • "I should have listened to my brother when he said taking this job was a bad idea. The air is full of tiny glass particles, rip your lungs to shreds, you breathe enough of it. Between the masks and the air filters on every building, I haven't had a breath of unfiltered air in three years. Near the same as living on a space station."


There are six Intel pieces on Evacuation.

The History of Meridian 5/6[edit]

Free Frontier Education presents The History of Meridian - 00:15

  • "After five years of near-constant fighting, Insurrectionists lost control of Meridian to UNSC forces at the Siege of Aethia. Rank-and-file members of the Sundered Legion were offered amnesty by UNSC officials, although their leaders would go on to stand trial in UEG courts."

Offworld Message 1/3[edit]

Meridian settler Brandon Pemberson's message about the evacuation - 00:13

  • "Matilda, I just thought you should know we're being evacuated. Now, don't panic, I'm sure it's nothing. Sloan just wants us to get clear of some potential trouble, and we'll be safer off-world. I’ll call again when I’m clear.”

Offworld Message 2/3[edit]

Meridian settler Brandon Pemberson's update about the evacuation - 00:14

  • "Matilda, I just watched the last Mule take off. There's no more ships left. Sloan's telling us to move to the space elevator, so they're moving us to Warthogs. There's a lot of fighting going on out there, though. It doesn't seem safe."

Offworld Message 3/3[edit]

Meridian settler Brandon Pemberson's final message to his loved ones - 00:14

  • "Matilda, I made it to the elevator, but now I'm stuck at the base. There's a huge line. I guess it wasn't made to carry so many people at once. I'm sure it'll be my turn soon, Matilda. I'll send you another message when I'm in orbit."

Public Update: Glass[edit]

A basic overview of the composition of a glassed planet - 00:15

  • "The so-called glass is a mineral called Lechatelierite. It is a result of the Covenant lances striking the surface of the planet with plasma, converting the topsoil to glass. Any attempt to make a glassed planet habitable would mean cutting the surface down to below the topsoil

The History of Meridian 6/6[edit]

Free Frontier Education presents The History of Meridian - 00:20

  • "Almost immediately after Meridian was recaptured by the UEG, the Covenant arrived. Captain Edmund Persie of the UNSC Sevenfold Gates fought to the last, but was forced to order what few ships remained to fall back to the edge of the Hestia system. Within five hours of Captain Persie's retreat, Meridian was glassed, and all life there was eradicated."


A total of seven Intel pieces are on the level Reunion.

Unggoy Personal Log 083 1/2[edit]

Jeem Ribfi, a Covenant Grunt, has a religious epiphany.- 00:09

  • "And then, there was a bright flash! Guardian pulled us to paradise! The Prophets were not liars! The Great Journey is for true!"


  1. Play through the level all the way until you get close to the first area with enemies.
  2. Turn left into a cave that eventually leads to a ledge.
  3. Towards the end of this ledge, you will find the data disc near Jeem Ribfi's dead body and a few Covenant boxes with a Needler sitting on top of them.

Unggoy Personal Log 083 2/2[edit]

Jeem Ribfi, a Covenant Grunt, has another religious epiphany.- 00:09

  • "Uh! I was wrong! The Demon has come! This is our punishment! They looked in my head and saw that I doubted! Ohh, I never should have doubted!"


  1. Travel to the first area with enemies. Here, Frederic-104 will say "There's the rest of the Covenant." if you already encountered Jeem Ribfi's corpse before; otherwise, he will say "Sounds like an Elite. What the hell are the Covenant doing here?".
  2. Go to the right as if wanting to obtain the Grunt Birthday Party skull.
  3. Turn left to a small ledge that has a Covenant data disc on it.

UNSC Marine Status Update[edit]

  • Note: This piece of Mission Intel has a typo and is actually spelled "USNC Marine Status Update" in the menu.

A fragment of a log update from a UNSC Marine - 00:10

  • "Separated from the rest of my squad. We were pulled in from patrol around Oban and landed...wherever this is. Bunch of Covies already here, too. That's no good."


  1. After clearing the first group of Covenant, go to the rock cliffs on the right.
  2. Turn around, jump, and climb into a dimly-lit alcove.
  3. The data pad is located inside, next to a dead UNSC Marine whose body is partially submerged into the floor, a Rocket Launcher, and a Railgun.

Forerunner Record: Search 1/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:16

  • "With Bastion beyond my grasp, I turned to the possibility of the Domain. However, there is corruption. The source, untraceable. Investigations, but no returns. Time grows short."


  1. Go to the Forerunner temple that acts as the second activation site for the Gateway.
  2. Walk into an underground alcove in the center. At the end of it is the Forerunner console. When entering the alcove, though, watch out for the Shade Turrets guarding the temple above, especially on higher difficulties.

Forerunner Record: Search 2/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:22

  • "Acquisition of a durance proved difficult in these final days. An ancilla has agreed to aid my efforts, yet there is concern if he will carry through. However, if Bastion has indeed achieved the impossible, I must find a way of reaching them. If that path be through death and Domain, so be it."


  1. Once you clear the first group of Prometheans, head through the canyon.
  2. Take the lefthand path. Towards the end of it is a Forerunner console sitting next to a gap. Watch out for Armiger Officers with Splinter Turrets, though.

Forerunner Record: Search 3/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:11

  • "Bastion is absent. Not destroyed; simply missing. No other facility is near enough. A new course of action is required."


  1. After defeating the Warden Eternal and his Promethean forces, cross the light bridge to the final activation building.
  2. The Forerunner console is found sitting behind a wall on the platform in front of the light bridge.

Forerunner Record: Search 4/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:13

  • "Bastion's location is confirmed. How, though? After dispersal of the Halos, an impossible act of reconciliation would be required. It may still be possible."


  1. Upon starting the second part of the mission, go forward until you see a breakable wall to your left.
  2. Destroy the wall and go to the right to enter a spiral-like walkway.
  3. The Forerunner console sits at the bottom of the walkable area, with a waterfall to the right.

Swords of Sanghelios[edit]

Twelve Mission Intel are on Swords of Sanghelios.

Ceremonial Sword 1/6[edit]

The hilt of this sword bears an ancient Sangheili proverb - 00:05

  • "Words are most powerful before blades are drawn."

Ceremonial Sword 2/6[edit]

The hilt of this sword bears an ancient Sangheili proverb - 00:07

  • "The sun warms those who stand before those who kneel in their shadows."

Ceremonial Sword 3/6[edit]

The hilt of this sword bears an ancient Sangheili proverb - 00:04

  • "Strength comes from recognizing another's weakness."

Sangheili Personal Log 503[edit]

Covenant Elite Cha 'Kulma discusses strategy - 00:13

  • "The rumors are true. Jul 'Mdama is dead. We should regroup on Hesduros, but my brothers would rather die in reckless attacks on the Swords of Sanghelios than suffer the dishonor of a tactical retreat."

Patrol Log - Scout 'Ghattam[edit]

Scout Jaruth 'Ghattam goads hidden Covenant forces into attacking - 00:14

  • "Claim allegiance to the Arbiter, but a traitor's working with the Covenant! Why do you skulk in the shadows? Come draw your blades! You live without honor! Must you die the same way? I will kill you all myself!"

Patrol Log - Scout 'Thrun[edit]

Scout Thet 'Thrun revels in the defeat of Jul 'Mdama - 00:10

  • "Jul 'Mdama is dead. The Covenant fractures. Soon the Kig-Yar's contracts will expire. The Swords of Sanghelios will stand triumphant!"

Kit Pitlimp's Adventure Log 1/4[edit]

The inquisitive Kit Pitlimp searches for Forerunner secrets - 00:18

  • "I am Kit Pitlimp the explorer. The Covenant's future depends on ancient Forerunner secrets. That's what Jul 'Mdama said, so I will look for them. I know there are some old places around here. I will investigate at night so no Arbiter forces can see me."

Patrol Log - Scout 'Makesh[edit]

Scout Rhal 'Makesh is caught by a Covenant ambush - 00:06

  • "Scout 'Makesh, Third Patrol. We walked into an ambush! I repeat, a Covenant ambush! Send reinforcements!"

Message to Kitun 'Arach 1/2[edit]

Sword of Sanghelios Jacul 'Arach urges his Covenant-loyal brother to join the Arbiter - 00:16

  • "Kitun 'Arach, my brother. Though we fought as we were growing up, only now are we truly enemies. I hope you will see through the lies of Jul 'Mdama. The Swords of Sanghelios would welcome a warrior as strong as you."

Message to Kitun 'Arach 2/2[edit]

Sword of Sanghelios Jacul 'Arach urges his Covenant-loyal brother to join the Arbiter - 00:21

  • "Kitun 'Arach, my brother. I remember our first hunt together, when we brought our prey home, it was a moment of greatness, of hope. The Covenant brings only shame to the Sangheili, but it will soon fall. I wish to hunt with you at my side again, brother. It is not too late."

Sangheili Personal Log 139[edit]

Covenant Elite Thev 'Mura threatens the Arbiter - 00:14

  • "Jul 'Mdama has been killed. We will answer this dishonor by placing the Arbiter's head on a pike! The Swords of Sanghelios is nothing but a stain on our homeworld's history. Long live the Covenant!"

Patrol Log - Scout 'Hakkat[edit]

Note: This piece of Mission Intel appears to be bugged or mislabeled in the game. The recording seemingly has no relation to the corresponding description.

An audio log by Scouts Rhee and Vatha 'Hakkat captures a Covenant ambush - 00:22

  • "Another day of endless meetings. Our talents are wasted here."


Eight pieces can be found on Alliance.

Camp Quartermaster Personal Log[edit]

Sword of Sanghelios Lhero 'Merok explores the symbolism of his campsite - 00:27

  • "We camp below the titans of old, the stone warriors meant to guard Sunaion against us, I suppose. Or are we retaking Sunaion from the occupying Covenant, with the titans at our backs. And when the great Guardian awakes, will it save us, or forsake us? My head swims. I long for problems that can be solved with a plasma grenade."

Sangheili Medic's Personal Log[edit]

Sangheili Medic Cham 'Lokeema discusses his social status - 00:34

  • "To spill blood outside of battle is a great dishonor. Words burned into all Sangheili since they were young, and to me. And for a time, I believed. I watched my brothers die around me and never dared give aid. 'Stitching a wound closed brings dishonor, setting a broken bone brings dishonor.' Words of the ignorant who never saw undetonated Needler rounds pulsing beneath a brother's skin. If shame is the price of compassion, so be it."

Sangheili Linguistics Report[edit]

Kholat 'Khebrem, a Sangheili linguist, studies ancient glyphs - 00:36

  • "Anthropological linguistics log, Kholat 'Khebrem speaking. Our history is lost in a haze of lies and myth. As the Covenant ends, I wish to relearn what we've lost. But the eroded and half-ruined glyphs in this place are maddening. Fragments of words dance before me. Here, 'prophecy', and here 'reunite' or 'restore'. Then a warning, something about 'responsibility' and 'a great drowning'. I could study here for years."

Sangheili Personal Log 673[edit]

Sword of Sanghelios Thon 'Kemtra admires the leadership of the Arbiter - 00:36

  • "We set camp within sight of Sunaion. Audacious, but brilliant. We Swords of Sanghelios are united under no less a warrior than the Arbiter himself. He who exposed the countless lies of the San'Shyuum, and drove back the Covenant. The Arbiter shapes our future with deference to our past. 'Let us never forget those who have journeyed into the howling dark and did not return,' he once said. Have you ever heard such wisdom?"

Sangheili Personal Log 383[edit]

The personal log of Rhu 'Vrath, a Covenant-loyal assassin - 00:33

  • "When I joined the Swords of Sanghelios, I remained loyal to Jul 'Mdama. Today, I had my chance to kill the heretic, the false Arbiter. He was readying his armor. My hand fell to my weapon, then I saw the mark branded on his chest. He bears the mark, yet at that moment, I felt shame. His eyes caught mine and I looked away. It is strange. Perhaps there is more to him than I thought."

Honorguard Personal Log 1/2[edit]

Sword of Sanghelios Vari 'Damat discusses sharing camp with the Arbiter - 00:29

  • "I'm stationed so close to the Arbiter, and gods, I have never felt so nervous. I set about polishing my armor straight away, but then thought the Arbiter might frown on such vanity. In battle, should I fly my Banshee to the front and show my skill, or would he see that as recklessness? I'm petrified. I would recuse myself from battle, but that would definitely disappoint him, would it not?"

Dr. Halsey: Status[edit]

A message by Dr. Catherine Halsey to the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam - 00:28

  • "Catherine Halsey, status update. I'm playing along with your protocol here, Thel. If the Four's bring me an active Constructor, I can interface with the Guardian. It will receive Cortana's signal the moment it activates and initiates slipspace, but I think I can make sure it leaves the sea before it jumps. I'll get it in the skies over Sunaion, like you asked. In return, send me some assistants with brains in their heads. And loosen this damn security! I'm not going anywhere."

Do Not Open[edit]

A rare Sangheili attempt at interspecies love poetry by Vel 'Trokaik - 00:29

  • "Erase previous recording, begin new recording. I saw you standing at your ship, with armored hand on armored hip. Both my hearts began to pound, so lovely was what I found. I love your brightly shining armor, human named Commander Palmer. I wish that we- What are you doing here, Grunt? What are you laughing at? I will tear off your arms!"

Enemy Lines[edit]

Ten pieces are available on Enemy Lines.

Message to Jacul 'Arach 1/4[edit]

Elite Kitun 'Arach urges his Arbiter-loyal brother to join the Covenant.

  • "Jacul 'Arach, my brother, we were raised to respect our ancestors. What would they think about your allegiance to humans, what would they think about you following the false Arbiter who brought shame upon us all? Come home to the Covenant brother, we will not lose."

Sangheili Personal Log 449[edit]

Covenant Elite Rtal 'Kavai plans his future.

  • "Sanghelios is my home, our home, I have been a member of the Covenant since before birth, Now nothing but lies and falsehoods surround me, there is not honor in fighting your own kind, it is time for a new world of united Elites!"

Unggoy Personal Log 023[edit]

Grimyip Pid, a Covenant Grunt, mourns a friend and vows revenge.

  • "I feel lonely today, I lost Jibjib this morning, he fell during the battle at the Elder Council Chambers, he thought he could kill the Arbiter and help the Unggoy's place in the Covenant, but one of the Spartans killed him, I will avenge him, I will kill the Spartans and keep their armor as a trophy"

Ceremonial Sword 4/6[edit]

The hilt of this sword bears an ancient Sangheili proverb

  • "When night falls, even the greatest colo herder, will still smell like a colo."

Message to Jacul 'Arach 2/4[edit]

Elite Kitun 'Arach urges his Arbiter-loyal brother to join the Covenant.

  • "Jacul 'Arach, my brother, your tales of our hunts fill me with sadness for times gone. If you desire us to meet again, let it be as brothers united for the Covenant."

Sangheili Personal Log 061[edit]

Covenant Elite Thol 'Barai feels conflicted.

  • "Everytime I kill another Sangheili, I can feel my ancestors judging me. Perhaps I should join the Arbiter's cause and become a Sword of Sanghelios. Jul 'Mdama is dead. Is it at last time for peace?"

Dear Covenant Please Read[edit]

Grunt Drab Limist defects from the Covenant.

  • "Dear whoever finds this, I...I... am leaving. Jul 'Mdama is gone. Everybody is panicking because the Covenant is falling apart and well... I don't wanna die! So I'm gonna give in to Swords of Sanghelios. Still be working for the Sangheili, but at least it'll be on the winning side."

Kit Pitlimp's Adventure Log 2/4[edit]

The inquisitive Kit Pitlimp searches for Forerunner secrets

  • "Kit Pitlimp here. And I know we are not allowed in the old place, but I sneaked in. And I saw the old signs, (gasps) just like the ones at Sunaion. The signs for the Guardian."

Covenant Attack Plan[edit]

Ossoona Ahta 'Dzoni proposes attacking the Arbiter to damage Swords of Sanghelios morale.

  • "Arbiter is often seen facing the exposed cliffside of the rebel camp. He would be vulnerable to long-ranged attack. But, it would destroy enemy morale if we could catch him and crush him with one of the Kraken's claws. Check the feasibility of that maneuver."

Forerunner Record: Search 5/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:06

  • "It's time. I go now... To Bastion."

Before the Storm[edit]

Five pieces can be found on Before the Storm.

Attack Wing Jardam Combat Report[edit]

Rhu 'Vrath describes seeing humans fight for the first time - 00:27

  • "As I flew my Banshee toward the Kraken, I could see the four humans running along the ridge below me. They were fighting uphill, greatly outnumbered, and the Covenant forces barely slowed them down. Jul 'Mdama used to say humans could never stand against the glory of the Covenant. It shames me to think I once took orders from such a fool."

Honorguard Personal Log 2/2[edit]

Sword of Sanghelios Vari 'Damat finds satisfaction in victory - 00:27

  • "The battle was glorious. When I took to the air, my concerns about pleasing the Arbiter vanished. After all, there is no time to think about pride while taking turret fire. I destroyed the assigned target while avoiding the Kraken's flailing arms. The accursed thing crumbled beneath our onslaught. The victory honored us, and that is all I require."

Sangheili Security Officer's Log[edit]

Security officer Mahlo 'Turagg's report on how the Covenant was able to find the Arbiter at the Elder Council Chambers - 00:32

  • "Security officer's log. I was able to convince a Covenant Grunt to tell me how they tracked the Arbiter's movements. Murok 'Vadam, of the Arbiter's keep. The Covenant promised him power and prestige, a desperate ploy from a dying faction. Murok did not resist when he was questioned. Perhaps he thought the Arbiter would not execute a member of his own clan. (laughs) He was wrong."

Unggoy Science Report[edit]

The scientific observations of Gribyam, self-proclaimed biologist - 00:26

  • "Human science report, log 42. Prolonged observation of the Doctor Halsey supports theories from New Alexandria that human females signal maturity by losing appendages. If my hypothesis be correct, soon the Doctor Halsey will release her spores, and spin a cocoon of rich meat-silk! Truly this is a very exciting time to be making science!"

Dr. Halsey: Status (Supplemental)[edit]

A message by Dr. Catherine Halsey to the Arbiter, Thel 'Vadam - 00:26

  • "You talk a great deal about how little you need me, Thel. That you could take Sunaion with or without the Guardian, that uniting this whole planet is within your grasp. Go ahead, be as stubborn as you like. But do not ignore the past, and do not forget whom I represent. You talk constantly of respect. It's time you showed some. Consider this my final mandatory status update."

Battle of Sunaion[edit]

Battle of Sunaion has eight Intel pieces.

Message to Jacul 'Arach 3/4[edit]

Elite Kitun 'Arach urges his Arbiter-loyal brother to join the Covenant - 00:13

  • "Jacul 'Arach, my brother. Now that we are free of the corruption of the San'Shyuum and the foolishness of Jul 'Mdama, you have no reason to refuse my offer of amnesty. Come home, brother."

Message to Jacul 'Arach 4/4[edit]

A gravely wounded Kitun 'Arach looks forward to joining his Arbiter-loyal brother - 00:33

  • "My brother, it seems our ancestors wished us to confront our stubbornness. Today, I killed you for your betrayals. You--you were strong. You ensured, that by dawn, I will join you. Perhaps, beyond the battles of this world, we will find a way to live together in peace once more."

Chant of the Guardian[edit]

Covenant Elite Khret 'Thanta delivers a ceremonial chant about the Guardian of Sunaion - 00:10

  • "Speak not to the holy Guardian of Sunaion. Pray only that it remains still. Let it not stir, lest it tear our world asunder."

Prayer of the Guardian[edit]

Jeem Ribfi, a Covenant Grunt, delivers the traditional prayer meant to keep the Guardian of Sunaion asleep - 00:15

  • "Oh, Guardian! May this prayer keep him asleep forever. He keeps our world safe and protects the Covenant. The Domain can not be opened as long as he stays sleeping. Oh, Guardian, magnificent sleeper!"

Kit Pitlimp's Adventure Log 3/4[edit]

The inquisitive Kit Pitlimp explains his unorthodox plans - 00:17

  • "Kit Pitlimp, here! I understand it now! The Guardian is connected to places all around! Others are afraid of it. They think that he will destroy us. I think he's our real vessel to the Great Journey! When the time comes, I'll be ready!"

Sunaion Officer's Personal Log[edit]

Covenant Elite Tsodon 'Sakua laments falling back to Sunaion - 00:13

  • "We have fallen back again and again and now they are here. Here! The heretic filth has pushed into Sunaion! What madness is this that our strength can be overcome by their weakness?"

Ceremonial Sword 5/6[edit]

The hilt of this sword bears an ancient Sangheili proverb - 00:05

  • "Do not ignore the words of those who saw the sun before you."

Ceremonial Sword 6/6[edit]

The hilt of this sword bears an ancient Sangheili proverb - 00:04

  • "No blade is sharp enough to cut an unknown enemy."


Genesis has a total of ten pieces.

Forerunner Record: Echoes 1/3[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:05

  • "Where, where am I?! Is this... Domain?"


  1. Starting from Kit Pitlimp's corpse, climb up the ledges on the left.
  2. Continue walking forward until you reach a broken Constructor that you can scan.

Forerunner Record: Echoes 2/3[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:06

  • "Designation: Genesis. How? Where is Bastion?"


  1. Reach the area where Covenant, including Wraiths, are seen fighting Prometheans. To this area's left is a Forerunner balcony.
  2. Go to the end of the balcony where Covenant and UNSC weapons are housed in Forerunner weapon racks. At the very end of it is the Forerunner console.

Forerunner Record: Echoes 3/3[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:08

  • "Communications few. Constructor network picking up echoes. Confusing."


  1. After crossing the second bridge, where a Knight Commander also spawns, climb up the rocks on the left.
  2. Run to the peak of these rocks and you will find a scannable broken Constructor.

Forerunner Record: Threat 1/5[edit]

Forerunner Record: Threat 1/5 - 00:08

  • "Organon gone. Domain burned, damaged. So many lost, missing."


  1. In the final arena, go towards the left and enter a partially enclosed balcony at the top.
  2. The Forerunner console is hidden in the furthest right corner, pointing towards the door where Fireteam Osiris goes through to rendezvous with Blue Team.

Unggoy Personal Log 011[edit]

Covenant Grunt Proon Glibwik is confused by Genesis' climate - 00:19

  • "So I've been thinking, if this place is supposed to be all perfect and made for us, how come nothing looks right? Where's the salty bogs, huh? Where's the methane springs? I mean, we can't even breathe over here! Not even the Elites like it. I mean, who was this paradise made for, huh? I got no clue."


  1. Immediately after being granted the Scorpion, begin the Scorpion run.
  2. Once you reach the part where the Ghosts, including an Ultra Ghost, appear, get out of the tank and walk to the left.
  3. The Covenant data disc housing this piece of Mission Intel should be nearby, next to Proon Glibwik's corpse.

UNSC Intel 1/3[edit]

UNSC Intel 1/3 - 00:27

  • "Marine Selena Rhodin here. Our last known location was circling the Guardian at Samuron. There was a sequence of shockwaves, and then, then we were here, wherever here is. Our Pelican slipspaced in and came under immediate fire. Not many survivors. We'll try to find shelter and gather some supplies from the wreckage. This is a nightmare, over."


  1. After 031 Exuberant Witness opens the large door, go through it and follow the path. This path contains an empty Ultra Wraith, along with a crashed Pelican on the left.
  2. Climb up the rocks until you reach the top of the Pelican, and then approach Selena Rhodin's corpse. Next to her body is the data pad.

UNSC Intel 2/3[edit]

Status log left by UNSC Marines who were pulled into Genesis airspace by a Guardian - 00:24

  • "Marine Kulas reporting in. So far, all we know about this planet is that it has hostiles. We've spotted Covenant. They probably got pulled along accidentally, same as us. We're holed up and maintaining a defensive perimeter. But the Covies get aggressive when they're confused, and we're low on ammo. I don't know how long we can hold on."


  1. Before crossing the light bridge that leads to the first Warden Eternal encounter, climb up the rocks on the left.
  2. At the top, you will find a data pad along with a Spartan Laser next to it.

UNSC Intel 3/3[edit]

Status log left by UNSC Marines who were pulled into Genesis airspace by a Guardian - 00:28

  • "Rene Dekas reporting again. Just had to change location. Those...robot things, came after us hard. We went through the hills and could see Covenant ships getting slipspaced in and crashing all over the place. For now, we're bunkered by some structure. Started moving a little while ago. Don't know why. Don't know if we'd be safer nearby or if we should get away from it. Don't know much. Over."


  1. Go to the same Forerunner balcony holding the Fog skull in Reunion.
  2. Here, you will find the dead body of Rene Dekas and another dead Marine, along with a Sniper Rifle and an accessible data pad.

Sangheili Personal Log 839[edit]

Covenant Elite Muki 'Jahma finds honor in dying on Genesis - 00:28

  • "The Guardians sounded their mighty call, and tore the stars apart. They brought us here. The ships of believers and heretics alike were flung to the fertile ground, where the survivors engage in a glorious slaughter. Yes, to die here, in the home of the gods, is the highest honor. I cannot wait."


  1. After destroying the first Warden Eternal, take the footpaths on the left.
  2. Run through them until you reach a dead Elite Storm.
  3. Climb up the ledge immediately in front of the Elite Storm's corpse and you will find the data disc, sitting next to an Energy Sword.

Kit Pitlimp's Adventure Log 4/4[edit]

The inquisitive Kit Pitlimp meets an unfortunate end - 00:22

  • "I knew it! Kit Pitlimp has always been bound for destiny! I speak as one who has undergone the Great Journey! Now, I will talk to the gods! I will BE a god! I will--what is that creature? If you are a god, I...worship you! Otherwise...worship ME! Wait, no! NO!"


  1. Once you cross the first bridge, you will enter an area where multiple Covenant and Promethean forces are fighting each other.
  2. Go forward until you reach a ledge to the left where you can see a Guardian in the distance.
  3. Immediately in front of you should be the data disc with Mission Intel, Kit Pitlimp's corpse, and the Light of Urs Fuel Rod Cannon.

The Breaking[edit]

The Breaking has a total of five pieces.

Forerunner Record: Threat 2/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:07

  • "The Warden made a pact...with whom? How does he walk once more?"


  1. Progress through the level until the first closed door.
  2. Walk through a double hallway and you will find a Forerunner console sitting behind a small Forerunner wall.

Forerunner Record: Threat 3/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:05

  • "Ancilla? New. How?"


  1. After Cortana intervenes in the Warden's attack, simply go into the structure and enter the smaller alcove with a Forerunner console. The larger hallway behind it has the Famine skull and two Foreunner weapons racks.
  2. The console housing this piece of Mission Intel is located in the center.

Forerunner Record: Threat 4/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:08

  • "She reassembles. She cures... herself. Soon. Domain."


  1. In the area with the last groups of Prometheans, go into the center.
  2. At the bottom is the Forerunner console, in front of and below a wall and a weapons cache housing a Incineration Cannon.

Forerunner Record: Threat 5/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:07

  • "The Guardians. She sees them. She understands. Stop her!"


  1. Upon starting the mission, immediately turn around.
  2. The Forerunner console on the left contains this piece of Mission Intel.

Forerunner Record: Alive 1/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:06

  • "The Ancilla, she knows I'm here. She hunts me."


  1. Upon starting the mission, immediately turn around.
  2. The Forerunner console on the right contains this piece of Mission Intel.


Guardians has a total of ten Intel pieces.

Sangheili Personal Log 709 1/2[edit]

Covenant Elite Dham 'Mashatt remembers his squad leader, a Grunt named Bibjam - 00:23

  • "His name was Bibjam. He was a mere Grunt, scarred though spirited; past his useful years. His advice was unconventional: fight as if there was no honor in death. He guided us through victory in conflict after conflict and while we revelled in our glory, he mourned every brother we lost along the way."

Forerunner Record: Alive 2/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:02

  • "Bastion."

Sangheili Personal Log 709 2/2[edit]

Covenant Elite Dham 'Mashatt remembers his squad leader, a Grunt named Bibjam - 00:21

  • "As the war went on, Bibjam became more concerned with protecting us. When we finally caught him betraying our movements to the Swords of Sanghelios, he told us capture was the only way for us to avoid death. He truly believed he found a way to save us. I could not meet his gaze when I ran him through."

Sangheili Personal Log 881[edit]

Covenant Elite Thakke 'Sho examines the prophecy of the Abiding Truth - 00:16

  • "The Hand of the Didact was broken. Why have none risen to take his place? The Abiding Truth will not persist if none are left alive to speak it. If I am branded a heretic for doubting the Forerunners' promise, then so be it!"

Forerunner Record: Alive 3/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:11

  • "Constructor now under Warden control. Control can be taken back. External, though. The Monitor could help if only I could speak to her."

Forerunner Record: Alive 4/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:04

  • "Bastion. Bastion."

UNSC Cockpit Recording[edit]

Mayday call from a UNSC dropship - 00:14

  • "This is pilot twenty-eight-dash-five-Lee from dropship Boza, coming down on an unknown planet. Mayday, Mayday! Sending our location now. We've been caught in a slipspace bubble of an...unknown entity."

Forerunner Record: Alive 5/5[edit]

Excerpt of a recording by an undesignated Forerunner Builder - 00:21

  • "Ancilla distracted. Warden as well. Domain repairing. Healing. I feel clear for the first time in...there. Finally, I see. After so long! Bastion. Bastion still lives!"

UNSC Personal Log[edit]

Status update from pilot of a UNSC dropship - 00:25

  • "I've managed to get out of the...crash site with the Mantis, but...I'm injured. I had to find a safe place. Catching my breath. I've seen more UNSC dropships coming with those slipspace survivors found yet. I need to rest. I have no idea what's going on here."

Sangheili Personal Log 977[edit]

Covenant Elite Thakke 'Sho believes he has failed a test of faith - 00:19

  • "There is no future for the Covenant. The gods turned their backs after the human woman offered the Librarian's key, and 'Mdama took it. That was meant to test his faith, his ability to resist temptation. He failed. We all failed. This is our punishment."