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"Marine Kulas reporting in. So far, all we know about this planet is that it has hostiles. We've spotted Covenant. They probably got pulled along accidentally, same as us. We're holed up and maintaining a defensive perimeter. But the Covies get aggressive when they're confused, and we're low on ammo. I don't know how long we can hold on."
— Kulas in a status log left on Genesis

Kulas is a UNSC marine. Due to the awakening of a Guardian, he and others were inadvertently brought to Genesis in late October of 2558. They holed up and established a defensive perimeter. Kulas recorded a status log where he noted the fact that they were low on ammo and expressed his lack of confidence in their ability to hold off the Covenant. This log was discovered by Fireteam Osiris when it arrived at Genesis.[1]

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