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ONI Acrisius
Production information


Winter-class prowler[1]


Special purpose[2]



907 metric tons

Slipspace drive:



Active camouflage[3]


Service information



ONI Acrisius (hull classification symbol: IX-455) is a state-of-the-art, special purpose Winter-class prowler used by the Office of Naval Intelligence's Watershed Division.[2]


Acrisius was assigned to Argent Moon by the Office of Naval Intelligence as a support for ONI's exfiltration protocol where the prowler could be activated for swift departure, in the event that high-profile ONI personnel aboard Argent Moon were in danger and needed to evacuate the ship. However, as the ship's personnel were quickly killed in a chemical weapon incident in 2557, Acrisius was never used for this purpose.[1] When Argent Moon became occupied by forces from Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction in 2558, Spartan-II Blue Team was sent to reclaim the vessel. However, when a Covenant fleet exited slipstream space around Argent Moon, Blue Team moved to scuttling the ship to deny the Covenant the asset. After setting the vessel's reactors to overload and detonate, Blue Team fled to the ship's hangar bay and boarded Acrisius. Piloting the prowler out of vessel, Blue Team barely escaped the destruction of Argent Moon. Rather than return to UNSC Infinity, Blue Team decided to travel to the human Outer Colony of Meridian to investigate Cortana's apparent survival. After activating Acrisius's active camouflage to avoid the Covenant fleet, the prowler entered slipspace for Meridian.[3]

When Blue Team arrived at Meridian, they landed the prowler at Apogee Station and entered Meridian's mines in search for Cortana. With Blue Team's disappearance, Spartan-IV Fireteam Osiris was sent to retrieve the Spartan-IIs. While searching for the Spartans on Meridian, Osiris came across the abandoned Acrisius at Apogee Station. Accessing the prowler's data terminal, Fireteam Osiris discovered that Blue Team was in the mines of Meridian and left the prowler in search for them.[4]


The ship was named after Acrisius, the mythical king of Argos, who was accidentally killed by the demigod Perseus, a possible reference to the incident that accidentally killed the crew of Argent Moon.


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