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A hull classification symbol,[1] also known as a hull code[2][3] or a registry,[4][5] is assigned to UNSC starships of the UNSC Navy. Different types and sizes of ship have different codes.[1] The hull code is composed of a symbol and a hull number. The hull numbers are usually assigned to each ship consecutively, though number sequences may be skipped for a variety of reasons (planned ships that were never commissioned or bureaucratic maneuvering, for example) and older numbers may be reused for new ships in order to "inherit" the identity of a particular storied vessel.[6]

The Covenant and its splinter factions use their own system of three-letter classification codes which are assigned based on a ship's "Primary", "Secondary", and "Tertiary" features.[1]

List of known symbols[edit]

UNSC Navy[edit]

  • AC: Unspecified Frigate


  • A - meaning currently unknown.
  • C - meaning currently unknown.
  • D - meaning currently unknown.
  • O - Ordained signifies Forerunner technology incorporated into the vessel.[1]
  • P - meaning currently unknown.
  • R - Reverence signifies that a ship can conduct reconnaissance missions, and is able to recover Forerunner artifacts.[1]
  • S - Salvation signifies that this is a dedicated warship capable of cleansing the enemies of the Covenant with holy fire.[1]
  • V - meaning currently unknown.

Non-canon and dubious canon appearances[edit]

Silver Timeline[edit]

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UNSC ships in the Silver Timeline maintain Hull classification symbols as well.


The symbol is based on the hull classification symbol system used by the United States Navy in the 20th and 21st centuries with a few differences.