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Hull classification symbol

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A hull classification symbol,[1] also known as a hull code[2][3] or a registry,[4][5] is assigned to UNSC starships of the UNSC Navy. Different types and sizes of ship have different codes.[1] The hull code is composed of a symbol and a hull number. The hull numbers are usually assigned to each ship consecutively, though number sequences may be skipped for a variety of reasons (planned ships that were never commissioned or bureaucratic maneuvering, for example) and older numbers may be reused for new ships in order to "inherit" the identity of a particular storied vessel.[6]

The Covenant and its splinter factions use their own system of three-letter classification codes which are assigned based on a ship's "Primary", "Secondary", and "Tertiary" features.[1]

List of known symbols[edit]

UNSC Navy[edit]

  • AC: Unspecified Frigate


  • A - meaning currently unknown.
  • C - meaning currently unknown.
  • D - meaning currently unknown.
  • O - Ordained signifies Forerunner technology incorporated into the vessel.
  • P - meaning currently unknown.
  • R - Reverence signifies that a ship can conduct reconnaissance missions, and is able to recover Forerunner artifacts.
  • S - Salvation signifies that a ship possesses dedicated ship-to-ship combat capability.
  • V - meaning currently unknown.


The symbol is based on the hull classification symbol system used by the United States Navy in the 20th and 21st centuries with a few differences.


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