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This article is about a starship class. For the Firefight map, see Corvette (map).

A corvette is a type of warship in both the UNSC and Covenant navies. Corvettes are generally small, maneuverable and lightly armed. A corvette is usually smaller than a frigate, making it the smallest warship type within a fleet.


As with most ship types, corvettes' sizes and the specific roles they fill within a fleet vary between factions. For example, UNSC corvettes are small patrol vessels that carry no fighter complements, only accommodating a hangar large enough to fit a SKT-13 Shuttlecraft,[1] while Covenant corvettes are larger than a UNSC frigate and carry large complements of warriors and entire fighter squadrons. In combat, a single Covenant corvette has shown to be a match for a UNSC frigate.[2] While UNSC corvettes mostly appear to serve in patrol or scouting duties, the Covenant use their counterparts for heavy air support in ground assaults during planetary siege operations.[3]



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