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Battlecruisers are a type of warship used in space warfare. A type of cruiser, they straddle the line between larger and heavier cruiser examples and fully-fledged battleships.

Human battlecruisers[edit]

  • Valiant-class super-heavy cruiser - while formally termed a "super-heavy" cruiser, the UNSC Navy's Valiant-class is sometimes referred to as a battlecruiser, and was drafted as a compromise between cruisers and battleships - though comprimised on firepower and armour protection to retain more of a multi-mission capability.[1]

Covenant battlecruisers[edit]

The Covenant employed many battlecruiser designs as part of its wider fleet of Covenant cruisers. They were produced in vast quantities by dozens of shipyards across Covenant space, and consisted of an extremely versatile workhorse design prolific throughout the empire.[2]


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