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Elefen-pattern battlecruiser
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The Elefen-pattern battlecruiser is a classification of warship employed by the Covenant.[1] The Elefen-patterm, alongside the Ket-pattern, was one of the mainstay battlecruiser designs employed by the Covenant,[2] succeeding the Maugen-pattern armored cruiser.[3]

The Zanar-pattern light cruiser was produced as a mutation - albeit a stable one - of the Elefen and Ket design patterns.[1]

Production notes[edit]

Little is known of the Elefen's design features. The ship was first namedropped in Halo: Warfleet – An Illustrated Guide to the Spacecraft of Halo[1] and later again mentioned in the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition),[2] though neither book have gone into any detail on the specifics of the design.

According to correspondences with Stephen Loftus, a common contributor to Halo source books, the Elefen namedrop was intended to serve as a definitive split between the design featured in Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 (and its Anniversary edition) and that seen in Halo 3 and subsequent games. This split is reminiscent of the Syfon-pattern and Kerel-pattern assault carriers, though has yet to be corroborated in any subsequent looks at the ship.[4] The Halo Encyclopedia uses both of the major variations on the page discussing the Ket-pattern battlecruiser and does not call out a specific ship as an Elefen, while Warfleet calls out the Truth and Reconciliation as a Ket-pattern - featuring it in its classic Combat Evolved design style with a smooth hull. This may indicate that the Elefen-pattern battlecruiser is in fact the battlecruiser design seen in Halo 3 and Reach - though thus far no source has explicitly confirmed as such.

Of additional note, Kenneth Peters (senior writer at 343 Industries and author of Warfleet and Halo: Fleet Battles) has explicitly confirmed that the number of sensor vanes on a battlecruiser is not an indication of design pattern differentiation - indicating that any identifying features of an Elefen would likely have to be more distinct.[5]


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