Mutan Et-pattern storm cutter

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Mutan Et-pattern storm cutter
HWF Render DAS-ClassStormCutter.png
Production information


Primary Assembly Forges[1]


  • Scouting[1]
  • Pursuit and attack[1]
  • Harassment[1]
Technical specifications


225 meters (740 ft)[1][2]


41,000 metric tons[1][2]


Repulsor engines

Other system(s):

Hyperscanner detector


Nanolaminate plating[1]




1 Superior, 15 Menials[1]

Chronological and affiliation



Sixth Age of Conflict[2]



The Mutan Et-pattern storm cutter[2], classified by humanity as the DAS-class storm cutter is a class of light attack ship formerly serviced by the fleet of the Covenant, now in use by its successor factions. Once manufactured by the Primary Assembly Forges of High Charity, these storm cutters are constructed following the Mutan Et design pattern. Primarily used for pursuit, scouting, and harassment in battle, the DAS class is regarded as relentless and elusive.[1]


The DAS class are small warships at 225 meters in length and with a mass of 41,000 metric tons. Protected by a hull of nanolaminate plating, these storm cutters are also equipped with energy shielding. When both shield and hull fail, like all warships of the Covenant fleet, DAS-class storm cutters rely on active jammers, deception field generators, and auto-repair systems to ensure the vessels remain combat effective.[1]

DAS-class storm cutters are armed with four Emri Ka-pattern light plasma lances, four Enteros-pattern plasma beam emitters, and four Phot Et-pattern pulse lasers. The storm cutters are also equipped with an advanced hyperscanner that provides extremely detailed information on any object within range. Crewed by one Superior and fifteen Menials, the DAS class also carries a small complement of ten Warriors led by a single Obedientary.[1]

Operational history[edit]

Human-Covenant war[edit]

DAS-class storm cutters were employed by the Covenant's fleet during the Human-Covenant War. Throughout the war, these vessels served as scouts and strikecraft tenders, prowling in hunter-killer teams at the far edges of major fleet engagements.[1] In at least one instance, the Heresy's Sorrow harassed UNSC's supply lines and UEG trade routes.[3]


Following the Covenant's collapse in December 2552, many of these storm cutters have fallen into the hands of Kig-Yar raiders and the empire's various successor factions.[1]

In 2554, the twin DAS-class storm cutters, Mark of Prophecy and Divine Breath, were being used by Kig-Yar engaged in smuggling and piracy near the human Inner Colony of New Carthage. The two ships had a deadly encounter over the planet with the Gladius-class heavy corvette UNSC Sagan Blue of the UNSC Navy.[1]

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Mutan Et pattern[edit]


Production notes[edit]

The DAS-class storm cutter was first introduced in Halo: Warfleet, with the Halo Story Bible previously containing only a handful of technical details on the class. After determining the dimensions of the storm cutter from the Story Bible's notes and Isaac Hannaford's reference render of the ship, Kenneth Peters was able to derive crew, mass, and armament details for Warfleet.[1]


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