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An image of the Fleet Battles ORS model, highlighting the location of the plasma lance emitter as detailed in Halo Warfleet p.64-65
The Ventrax-pattern plasma lance (highlighted) location on an Varric-pattern heavy cruiser.

A plasma lance is a kind of energy projector employed by Covenant starships as an ultra-heavy anti-ship weapon. Plasma lances fire tightly-focused streams of plasma at their enemies, dealing a great deal of kinetic and thermal damage.[1] At close range, plasma lances are capable of cutting un-shielded warships in half.[2]

Scaled-down forms of plasma lances known as plasma emitters may also be present on larger warships, intended for use as general-purpose anti-ship weaponry. Plasma emitters emit continuous beams of plasma capable of being used to bore into a planetary surface to excavate Forerunner artifacts.[1]


A Covenant "sniper" capital warship engaging the UNSC Pillar of Autumn as the former crippled the heavily-modified Halcyon-class light cruiser over Reach.
A Muesh-pattern flensing lance firing upon UNSC Pillar of Autumn.

Unique and individual designs[edit]

Muesh-pattern flensing lance turret

The flensing lance turret entered service during the Ninth Age of Reclamation.[3]

  • Kewu-pattern battleship - One such weapon was present on the Kewu, and was considered considerably more powerful than the regular energy projectors used by the Covenant. The Ministry of Concert commissioned the Kewu-pattern battleship for policing other Covenant warships, indicating they were the Muesh-pattern's intended targets.[3]
Worthy Fire relic lance

Worthy Fire relic lances are built upon weapon-cores of Forerunner origin. In Covenant usage, they were in service by the Twenty-Third Age of Doubt.[3]

Heavy and superheavy plasma lances[edit]

An Urpeon-pattern plasma lance aboard the Day of Jubilation firing upon a UNSC ship.
Lances of the Faithful
Main article: Lances of the Faithful

The Lances of the Faithful were an array of 32 superheavy plasma lances serving as the primary defenses of High Charity, alongside 1,900 plasma beam emitters.[4][5]

Urpeon-pattern superheavy plasma lance

The Urpeon-pattern superheavy plasma lance was introduced into Covenant service as early as the Third Age of Discovery and Fourth Age of Conversion.[6]

N'nap-pattern heavy plasma lance

The N'nap-pattern plasma lance was in service as early as the Twentieth Age of Discovery.[3]

  • Rothen-pattern fireship - 1x N'nap-pattern plasma lance. The installation of the oversized N'nap-pattern lance requires sacrificing most other crew comfort considerations aboard the Rothen-pattern fireship.[3]
Razu-pattern heavy plasma lance

The Razu-pattern heavy plasma lance was employed by Sangheili forces during the Former Age prior to the War of Wills and formation of the Covenant.[8]

Ventrax-pattern heavy plasma lance

Light and regular plasma lances[edit]

Baen Ka-pattern plasma lance

The Baen Ka-pattern plasma lance was in service during the Third Age of Discovery.[3]

Ignis-pattern plasma lance

The Ignis-pattern plasma lance was in service as earlier as the Eighteenth Age of Doubt and Seventh Age of Reconciliation.[6][9]

Emri Ka-pattern light plasma lance

The Emri Ka-pattern plasma lance was in service by the Sixth Age of Conflict.[10]

The Banished dreadnought mounts six light plasma lances of unknown model or design pattern.[12]


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