Day of Jubilation

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Day of Jubilation
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Ship history
The Fleet Battles/Halo 5: Guardians Covenant Icon made in the style of HN. Covenant


Day of Jubilation


Syfon-pattern assault carrier


Covenant fleet


Destroyed by John-117 on October 20, 2552[1]

General characteristics



5,346 meters (17,541 ft)[2][3]


2.7 billion tonnes[2]

Power plant:

Pinch fusion reactor[1]

Maneuver drive:

Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive:



Nanolaminate hull plating


Energy shielding



Day of Jubilation was one of the two CAS-class assault carriers attached to the High Prophet of Regret's Fleet of Sacred Consecration.[4]


Day of Jubilation moments prior to her destruction

Day of Jubilation, along with Solemn Penance, was attached to the High Prophet of Regret's Fleet of Sacred Consecration. Together, both assault carriers glassed dozens of human colonies throughout the Human-Covenant War.[4] After the Battle of Meridian, Day of Jubilation accompanied the Prophet of Regret and the rest of the Fleet of Sacred Consecration to what they believed to be the Forerunner world of Erde-Tyrene, which unbeknownst to them was actually humanity's homeworld—Earth.[5] Exiting slipstream space over Jupiter in the Sol system,[6] the fleet moved towards Earth and arrived at the planet on October 20, 2552. Day of Jubilation and the fleet soon engaged in combat with the UNSC Home Fleet, escorting Regret's flagship Solemn Penance into Earth orbit. During the opening actions of the battle, both carriers deployed hundreds of R'sisho-pattern Ticks to neutralize the network of orbital defense platforms that stood in the way of the Prophet's advance. Even as it came under fire from the numerically superior human forces, Day of Jubilation sped through the UNSC's lines and past Cairo Station, following the destruction of both Athens and Malta stations in its battle cluster. Numerous warships from the UNSC Navy's Fifth Fleet gave chase and moved in to attack.[7]

After disarming the Chershi-pattern antimatter charge meant to destroy Cairo Station, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 disembarked into open space to deploy the bomb against the Covenant armada; Day of Jubilation was selected as his target as the Home Fleet had succeeded in bringing down the carrier's shields and remained in orbit as Regret's flagship raced towards the surface of Earth. With cover from the Fifth Fleet, the Master Chief floated in free-fall towards Jubilation, which disabled Marathon-class heavy cruiser UNSC Feeling Lucky with its ventral energy projector. As the Spartan closed in, a wing of Longswords conducted a bombing run on the carrier's core, allowing John direct access to the carrier's massive pinch fusion reactor. Day of Jubilation was completely destroyed when John detonated the bomb and fled back into space, though Solemn Penance successfully escaped past Earth's ODP networks.[7]

Production note[edit]

Early in Halo 2's development, the assault carrier was going to host the level Covenant Ship, during which John-117 would board the carrier alongside Miranda Keyes and a team of ODSTs.


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