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An Ophon-pattern Borer.

A borer is a type of slipspace drive created and used by the Covenant and its remnants. It is a spacecraft propulsion system capable of making transitions to and from slipstream space and by extension allowing faster-than-light interstellar travel.


Being more technologically advanced than humanity, the Covenant have numerous advantages in slipspace propulsion systems. Whilst the human Shaw-Fujikawa engine is said to “punch” a hole between realms using brute force, Covenant engines instead take a small rupture and delicately enlarge it with surgical precision. This allows the latter to execute far more accurate slips.[1] Covenant slipspace drives are often referred to as "jump drives".[2] In addition to their more powerful thruster engines, it has been theorized by the UNSC that Covenant drives generate several "microjumps" within a single slipspace transition to measure the dilation involved in a jump, allowing them to reach their destinations faster.[3]

Covenant drives are generally more flexible and powerful than those of humans. They have thrice been seen to execute in-atmosphere slipspace transitions[4][5] (although the first time the drive in question was controlled by a human AI). In addition, Covenant drives can execute successful slips even if underpowered.

Covenant slipspace drives can also be refitted to human ships, as seen during Operation: FIRST STRIKE, where the UNSC fitted Ascendant Justice's slipspace drive to the UNSC Gettysburg to escape Unyielding Hierophant and reach Earth faster.

Known Borers[edit]


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