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Chersi-pattern void maker
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Human-Covenant War


The Chersi-pattern void maker is a large infantry-portable antimatter charge used by the Covenant.[1]

Design details[edit]

The Chersi-pattern void maker has a distinct "pickle" shape with many spikes protruding from it. It has a central control hub located at the top of the bomb. An artificial intelligence could interface with the control hub in order to activate or deactivate the device, though this required physical contact.

Operational history[edit]

The Covenant utilized at least three Chersi antimatter charges during the early stages of the Battle for Earth to destroy Earth's orbital defense platforms. Covenant boarding parties manually delivered the bombs and detonated them from a safe distance, destroying both Athens and Malta stations. Cortana located the third void maker in Cairo Station's fire control center. John-117 reached the bomb and, after killing the Covenant troops guarding it, made contact with the void maker's control hub, allowing Cortana to deactivate the bomb before it could detonate. John-117 later performed a micro-gravity maneuver to deliver the device to the Covenant CAS-class assault carrier Day of Jubilation, entering a breach in the ship's hull created by a pair of Longswords. The void maker was reactivated within the ship's reactor core, and John launched himself from the vessel shortly before its destruction.[2]


  • Jason Jones of Bungie referred to the Chersi void maker as a "giant Covenant space pickle".[3] This nickname is referenced in Halo Infinite, in which a Weapon Charm depicting the antimatter charge is named the "Space Pickle".
  • The Chersi void maker was not originally going to be included in Halo 2. Instead there was to be a level called Covenant Ship, where the Master Chief would board the Covenant assault carrier and destroy it from within. Due to time constraints however, the level was cut and the antimatter charge was instead included as a means of destroying the carrier.[3]


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