Incendiary gel

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A Mgalekgolo firing incendiary gel from its assault cannon.

The Covenant utilize various types of incendiary gel as ammunition in their weaponry.[1][2]

Green, radioactive incendiary gel is used in the Mgalekgolo's assault cannons and in fuel rod weaponry.[1] The Mgalekgolo's assault cannons are able to fire the gel in mortar-like globular projectiles or in a searing stream of fire,[1] whereas the fuel rods are compressed canisters of the material which explode upon impact.

The Type-3 firebomb, a type of native Jiralhanae grenade, uses a form of adhesive incendiary gel; a stable yet hazardous chemical mixture containing caesium.[3] It burns at approximately twenty-two hundred degrees Celsius, and will not burn underwater.[2]