Korva-pattern fuel rod gun

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This article is about the fuel rod gun introduced in Halo: Reach. For other variants of the fuel rod gun, see Fuel rod gun.
Korva-pattern Flak Launcher
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Production overview



Fuel rod gun



131 centimeters (51.5 in)[2][4][3]


19 centimeters (7.3 in)[3]


55 centimeters (21.6 in)[3]


24 kilograms (52 lb)[4]
21 kilograms (46 lb)[4]

Ammunition type:

32 millimeters (1.3 in) Class-2 fuel rod[3][4]

Effective range:

165 meters (541 ft)[4]

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War


The Korva-pattern Flak Launcher is a fuel rod gun variant, prominently employed by the Covenant and its remnant forces.[2] Alongside the similar Pez'tk-pattern fuel rod gun, the weapon is one of two weapon systems to be classified by the United Nations Space Command's type classification system as the Type-33 Light Anti-Armor Weapon (LAAW).[4][3]

Among human forces, the Korva has earned a variety of nicknames including "Thud Gun", "Farg" and the "Shine Box".[4]


Design details[edit]

A blueprint of the Korva-pattern fuel rod gun.

Among the various design patterns of fuel rod gun employed by the UNSC, the Korva-pattern represents that with the most unified exterior housing. It fires the standard 8.1 millimeters (0.32 in) Class-2 fuel rods typical of fuel rod guns, with a reloadable magazine of five fuel rods. The weapon is capable of semi-automatic fire and features a 2x thermal optics display, capable of dynamically tracking heat signatures.[2][3]

The Korva-pattern fuel rod gun is considered extremely resilient in the field, leading to its extremely pervasive use by Covenant forces during the Human-Covenant War.


Korva-pattern fuel rod guns were widely employed by Covenant forces during the Human-Covenant War, particularly the forces of the Fleet of Valiant Prudence in the Fall of Reach. During this battle, they were employed by Heavy Unggoy troopers, Sangheili Zealots, Generals and Field Marshals, and Jiralhanae Chieftains.[5]


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