White Scar

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White Scar
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Production overview


Merchants of Qikost[1]

Model series:



Plasma Bolt Launcher


Ammunition type:

  • 20mm blamite-laced plasma scatter rounds[1][2] (semi-automatic mode)
  • Blamite-laced plasma grenades[3] (charged mode)

Feed system:

5 round magazine[1]

Rate of fire:

260 RPM (uncharged shots, semi-automatic)

Muzzle velocity:

  • 38.15 m/s (125.2 ft/s; 85.34 mph) (uncharged shot)[4]
  • 59.78 m/s (196.1 ft/s; 133.7 mph) (charged shot)[4]

Effective range:

Medium to long

  • 30.48 m (100.00 ft) (unscoped)[4]
  • 57.14 m (187.47 ft) (scoped)[4]
Service history

In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


"There is little honor to be found in slaughter, but that's enough for some. Advanced Plasma Caster that fires modified bolts set to proximity detonate if hipfired and have a Needler fragmentation effect."
— In-game description[2]

The White Scar is a special variant of the Type-53 Plasma Bolt Launcher. The White Scar uses a white color for the main body, which is also decorated with red Covenant glyphs, particularly at the front half of the barrel and just in front of and above the trigger area.[3]


The White Scar, a named variant of the T-53 PBL, fires modified plasma bolts that are laced with Subanese crystals and have a proximity detonation fuse if hipfired.[2]

In October 2558, Fireteam Osiris found a copy of the weapon behind burning wreckage in an area on Genesis that they passed through on their mission to rescue Blue Team from Cortana's Cryptum.[5] Since then, War Games simulations aboard the UNSC Infinity have integrated the weapon for use by Spartan-IVs.[3]


Halo 5: Guardians[edit]

The White Scar is a special weapon that can be found in the final campaign mission Guardians.

The White Scar is an Ultra Rare Level 5 REQ that restores 150 REQ Points to the player's RP balance when sold. It operates exactly identically to the standard Plasma Caster, although its projectiles have a Needler fragmentation effect and will proximity detonate if hipfired. Each bolt of the White Scar discharges between 10 and 14 needles upon exploding, while charged shots conjure six explosions that occur 8.75 seconds after impact (one second if proximity detonation), and have a proximity blast radius of 9.18 m (30.12 ft). The needles fragment themselves towards enemies, including heavy armor and vehicles, and will trigger a supercombine explosion when seven of them strike an enemy at once. These traits make the White Scar a powerful tool for setting up traps to ambush and kill unsuspecting enemies, especially in tight areas.[3][4]

However, the White Scar's bolts have a stronger bounce effect; for this reason, players should aim at an enemy's feet while using the weapon to ensure a kill.

Changes from the Type-53 Plasma Bolt Launcher[edit]

  • Fires modified bolts that are laced with Subanese crystal, giving them a Needler fragmentation effect.
  • Bolts will proximity detonate if hipfired.
  • Upon impact, charged shots explode after 8.75 seconds instead of 1.1 unless they detonate in proximity, where they require one second instead.
  • Larger bolt blast radius of 6.52 m (21.39 ft) and charged shot blast radius of 17.45 m (57.25 ft).
  • Stronger bounce effect.



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