Unstable Barrels

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Unstable barrels on Installation 00.

Unstable Barrels are an explosive employed by the Banished. They take the form of explosive barrels similar to Plasma Batteries that can be deployed as a fortification type in the campaign of Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare and in the gamemode Terminus Firefight. They cost 100 supply to deploy and can be detonated manually, at which point there will be a short countdown before their destruction.

Unstable Barrels can be upgraded with the Unstable Barrel Stack, which doubles how many barrels are present. The upgrade costs 50 supply.

Unstable Barrels can also be found as an environment object in the campaign of Halo Wars 2. They can be targeted by player forces and, when destroyed, will detonate with a large area-of-effect. This can be useful for destroying nearby structures or enemies.


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