Ice Barrier

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An ice barrier halts the advanced of Banished troops.

The Ice Barrier is a cryotech area-denial system[1] developed by Serina for use by the UNSC Spirit of Fire.


Serina learned much about warfare from monitoring the activities of Sergeant Forge and Captain Cutter, including the value of controlling the flow of battle by manipulating the terrain. Among her tools to accomplish this is the Ice Barrier leader power, which creates a frozen block at a target location. The block of ice can be used to block chokepoints and disrupt enemy formations, and will chill nearby enemies. The barrier can be shattered by enemy attacks. Ice Barriers are weaponized versions of an Ander's early, failed, experiment with creating compact, zero—point energy condensers. Activation overloads the delicate barrier generators, but not before the area around them are drained of thermal energy.[1]


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