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This article is about the technology. For the Halo 3 equipment item, see Portable gravity lift.
The Solemn Penance's gravity lift.

The gravity lift is a form of transport derived from Forerunner technology by the Covenant. A gravity lift can safely transport individuals or goods vertically without the need for a physical lift.[1]


John-117 and Fire Team Charlie board the gravity lift of the Truth and Reconciliation.

The Forerunners made extensive use of gravity-manipulating technology, including gravity lifts.[2] This technology was eventually discovered and reverse-engineered by the Covenant. The usage of gravity lifts is commonplace in many of the Covenant's structures and installations, including their former holy city High Charity; there, gravity lifts served as the primary form of vertical transport, often in the form of long tubes that ran inside the city's towers.

Gravity lifts can also be projected from the underside of most Covenant starships. They can be used to lift ground-based troops and equipment onto a ship, or to safely transport troops to a planetary surface. Covenant citadels employ gravity lifts to lift supplies to and from orbit. before they are stored in the base's warehouses.[3] They are also used as means of transport between the decks of ships. Some smaller craft, including Phantom dropships, some Spirit dropships, and Lich dropships, as well as deployable lookout towers are also equipped with gravity lift technology. Larger military emplacements such as spires possess gravity lifts for transport between the structure's various levels. Small, infantry-portable versions of the gravity lift are used by Covenant forces.


A variety of technologies employ gravity manipulation similar to gravity lifts; these include the man cannon, which propels individuals or objects in a tilted angle as opposed to a vertical span, or the gravity bridge, which consists of a horizontally-oriented gravity field.


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