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Hammer of Faith
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Covenant supercarrier



20 kilometres (estimated)[1]


Hundreds of decks tall (estimated)[1]


Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive:


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April 15, 2526[2]

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The Hammer of Faith was a Covenant supercarrier that was under construction in 2526 at the Ring of Mighty Abundance above the Covenant planet of Zhoist.[3]


On April 15, 2526, while targeting Zhoist and the Ring of Mighty Abundance during Operation: SILENT STORM, John-117 spotted the Hammer of Faith in its construction dock. After drawing Blue Team's attention to the vessel, John decided to have them blow it up, knowing that it would not only deprive the Covenant of a major naval asset, but destroying the supercarrier would unbalance a whole section of the orbital ring. The wreckage that wasn't vaporized in the blast would be hurled away with immense force, dragging along everything that it was attached to.[4]

Entering a hangar in one of the fabrication barns connected to the Hammer of Faith, John and Kelly-087 armed two HAVOK tactical nuclear weapons and tossed them into a pair of gravity lifts leading into the supercarrier on a two-minute timer while First Blade Tel 'Szatulai arrived with several of his warriors to stop them. The Spartans killed the Sangheili warriors and escaped in four Banshees while the Jiralhanae Castor and Orsun did the same. The detonation of the two HAVOKs destroyed the supercarrier and the fabrication barns surrounding it, killing the tens of thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands, of Covenant workers who had been building the Hammer of Faith and were thus on board as well. Castor and Orsun's Banshees were able to reach a stable orbit far enough away from the explosion to be fine while Blue Team's Banshees were fried, but they were rescued by the Prowler UNSC Night Watch.[5]

Production notes[edit]

When writing Halo: Silent Storm, author Troy Denning envisioned the Hammer of Faith as a Sh'wada-pattern supercarrier and a sister ship to the Long Night of Solace, seen in Halo: Reach. When describing the ship, he used an image of a CSO-class supercarrier from Halopedia as reference. However, ultimately, Denning chose not to specify the ship's class in the text, deferring to 343 Industries to make the final canonical decision.[6] The ship's class has not been stated in canon as of yet.


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