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Tel 'Szatulai
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April 2526, Zhoist

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First Blade

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Human-Covenant War


Tel 'Szatulai was a Sangheili with the title of First Blade and a member of the Silent Shadow, an elite unit within the Covenant military's Special Operations branch. In 2526, he served then-Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee, who commanded the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience.[1]


Scouting the colonies[edit]

Early in the Human-Covenant War, Tel 'Szatulai served as the leader of the Bloodstars and traveled with the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience. As the fleet made ready to assault the human colonies, he led a squad of Silent Shadow to take measure of these planets' defenses so that Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee could easily crush any resistance that the humans might throw against the fleet. More importantly, 'Szatulai's squad would also search for any hint that these worlds might have once been occupied by the Forerunners, the deities upon which rested the pillar of the Covenant religion.[1]

While scouting out the tenth colony in line for destruction, Amasa, a human courier serving the United Rebel Front delivered a device containing a transmission to 'Szatulai and his squad. The Sangheili warriors captured the courier and forced her to demonstrate how the device worked and that it was safe; then they killed her.[1]

'Szatulai brought the device to 'Kvarosee aboard his flagship, Pious Rampage, with the Minor Minister of Artifact Survey also in attendance. Upon activating the device, they were greeted with a message recorded by General Harper Garvin of the United Rebel Front. The human offered information about the United Nations Space Command—and more specifically, the Spartans, which had recently destroyed two warships from the Fleet of Inexorable Obedience—in exchange for an alliance with the Covenant and the promise that their worlds would not be glassed. Garvin warned that the UNSC would try to replicate their successful boarding actions at Biko when the Covenant fleet arrived. He requested that they send a representative to meet with them in an abandoned ice quarry on Seoba to work out the terms of their alliance. 'Kvarosee and the San'Shyuum ordered 'Szatulai to meet with the insurrectionists on Seoba and learn how they might help combat the Spartans. However, once the humans outlived their use, he was ordered to execute them.[1]


Main article: Battle of Seoba

During the Battle of Seoba, he attempted to capture one of the UNSC's Prowlers in order to gather intelligence. 'Szatulai's flotilla successfully disabled the UNSC Starry Night and forced it to crash-land on Seoba's surface. However, Spartan Blue Team detonated a nuclear weapon, destroying the Starry Night before 'Szatulai's troops could capture the ship.[citation needed]

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Main article: Attack on Zhoist

In April 2526, 'Szatulai was dispatched by Fleetmaster Nizat 'Kvarosee to stop a Spartan attack on the Covenant supply world Zhoist. However, 'Szatulai's efforts failed and he died at the Spartans' hands. [citation needed]

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Tel 'Szatulai wore the indigo assault armor of the Silent Shadow, including an enclosed helmet with a red visor. As with all members of the Silent Shadow, 'Szatulai carried a Type-1 energy sword on his hip.[1]

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