21st Space Assault Battalion

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21st Space Assault Battalion


Unified Earth Government


UNSC Marine Corps


Special operations capable




Around 800 personnel


Black Daggers



Colonel Crowther


The 21st Space Assault Battalion (21st SAB/ODST), also known as the Black Daggers, is a veteran battalion of the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers,[1] a special operations capable reconnaissance force of the UNSC Marine Corps.


They have a long history of combating the Insurrection.

In 2526 they were assigned to Task Force Yama. And although Captain Halima Ascot had full authority over the task force, once the ODST and the complement of twelve Spartans were deployed, the full command would transfer to Colonel Crowther.

They first saw action in an abandoned Ice Quarry on the third moon of Biko. Initially the Black Daggers took heavy losses as they were unaware the position was occupied by Insurrectionists, who were prepared for an insertion, albeit they expected one from the Covenant. Eventually, however, they managed to successfully take the Quarry.

When the Covenant arrived, the Battalion was evacuated in the Prowlers.[1]

After Operation: SILENT STORM, the remaining members of the battalion were dispersed to train other units. As a result, during Operation: OBLIVION, Admiral Cole didn't have anyone available to send with Blue Team and instead had to rely on regular infantry Marines.[2]

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