Assembly Chamber 4L430

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Assembly Chamber 4L430 was a subsurface assembly chamber in an ice quarry on Biko's third moon of Seoba.[1]


Battle of Seoba[edit]

The day after the UNSC's Task Force Yama defeated the Insurrectionist force occupying the quarry on March 18, 2526,[2] they repurposed Assembly Chamber 4L430 for an informal debriefing led by Captain Halima Ascot, the commander of the task force. A UNSC flag was hung on the chamber's polycrete-coated walls, with portable standing lights and a folding conference table also set up for the debriefing.[1]

Along with Captain Ascot, the meeting included Colonel Marmon Crowther, Lieutenant Commander Hector Nyeto, now-Captain Nelly Hamm, Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, SPARTAN-II John-117, and Dr. Catherine Halsey. Here, they discussed the difficulties with the previous day's battle. After John's maverick action was brought up, the discussion soon turned to the young Spartan's true age. Ultimately, the truth came out that John and his fellow Spartans were all around the age of fifteen, and Colonel Crowther refused to send them into battle again as a result. The conversation then turned to why the Insurrectionists had seemingly been ready for their arrival, with John realizing and convincing the others that they had instead been waiting for the Covenant, with the intent to meet them for negotiations. While they were planning for the Covenant's inevitable arrival, a flotilla of the alien ships arrived in-system and set course for Seoba. The UNSC leaders rushed out of the chamber to ready their forces for the imminent continuation of the battle.[1]

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