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4 moons







Tens of millions[1]


Before 2424


Unified Earth Government


Biko, referred to by the Covenant as Borodan[2] is a human Outer Colony planet located roughly 24 light-years from the Cygnus system and 58 light-years from the Epsilon Eridani system.[3] One of its major population centers (at least before the Covenant attack) was Durban.[4] The planet was glassed in 2526, becoming one of the first human worlds to fall to the Covenant,[5] though it had been at least partially recolonized by 2558.[6]



Biko fell to the Covenant in 2526.[5] After the battle the Covenant pushed the debris field over the northern pole to allow their ships to glass the planet unobstructed.[3] Some members of SPARTAN-III Alpha Company, including Carter-A259,[7] were recruited into the program after being orphaned on Biko.[8] Survivors of Biko's fall joined a refugee program.[9]


After the Human-Covenant War, the fetcher Oliver Birch visited the debris field over Biko. There he retrieved an experimental saddle box drive from the UNSC Dresden, one of the cruisers that had partaken in the battle years prior.[3]

Biko was apparently recolonized after the Covenant War. In 2558, delegates from the Unified Earth Government and Sangheili convened at a regional embassy in a densely populated city on Biko to engage in peace talks. Both sides were coming to an agreement when Spartan John-117 entered the hall, attempting to stop a terrorist plot by Sapien Sunrise.[10] John-117 abducted Outer Colonies ambassador Richard Sekibo and escorted the alien delegation to safety, fleeing the planet with the aliens aboard his personal spacecraft.[6] During the firefight, Sekibo was mortally wounded and his corpse was left in a nearby field where it was discovered the next day.[10]


The colony was likely named after Steve Biko, a twentieth-century South African civil rights activist.


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