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Biko Independence Army
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"Nobody tells the Biko Independence Army what to do."
— Erland Booth[1]

The Biko Independence Army, or BIA, was an insurrectionist group operating primarily around the planet Biko during the eponymous conflict.[1]



During the Insurrection, the BIA launched repeated attacks on the Bikon Chancellor, failing to execute the coup six times. By the seventh, the BIA managed to hold the city of Mandelam for two months. The BIA repeatedly proved to be a thorn in the sides of the UNSC and the Bikon planetary militia, the Chancellor's Guards.[1]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

By 2526, the BIA was growing in power and was one of many rebel groups summoned to a meeting organised by United Rebel Front General Harper Garvin and Bellicose captain Lyrenne Castilla to discuss the emergence of the Covenant threat and how it may affect the Insurrection. Upon learning of the UNSC's Operation: SILENT STORM - an audacious plan to use the imminent Covenant attack on Biko as a distraction to allow a special task force to covertly destroy a number of alien ships, BIA leader Erland Booth was outraged and demanded assistance from the other groups to prevent the destruction of his world. The rebel coalition force organised a coup against the Bikon government, hoping to offer the world to the Covenant in return for assisting in the destruction of the UNSC by revealing the location of UNSC worlds.[1]

The coalition force set up a base in the ice quarries on the moon of Seoba, establishing numerous Civet AFVs, hundreds of infantry and M41 Vulcan anti-air guns. Unfortunately for them, the quarry had also been selected for use by Task Force Yama, and the resulting battle saw the foiling of this plan.[2]


The BIA was controlled by a "Chamber", who Erland Booth reported to.[1] Booth held the rank of Commandant.[3]

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