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The Eridanus Government was the planetary government of Eridanus II, a human Outer Colony. The Eridanus Government was affiliated with the Unified Earth Government.[1]


In June of 2494, traitorous members of the Colonial Military Administration‎ armed insurrectionists on Eridanus II under the leadership of UNSC Marine-turncoat Colonel Robert Watts. The insurgents executed a campaign of bombings, kidnappings, and assassinations of politicians which negatively impacted Eridanus II's shipping industries. Additionally, the insurgents garnered a fleet of ships supplied by the CMA[1] and begun preying on shipping vessels.[2]

In December of 2494, the Eridanus Government officially requested aid from the UEG's United Nations Space Command. The UNSC finally responded in January of 2496 by launching Operation: CHARLEMAGNE. During the following engagements, the UNSC defeated the rebel forces and the Eridanus Government regained control of Eridanus II.[1] However, in 2513, Watts had formed the United Rebel Front and his forces had regained enough strength to attempt to overthrow the Eridanus Government again, hoping to use Eridanus II as a base of operations and drag the CMA into a costly guerilla war. The UNSC anticipated the URF's intents and launched Operation: TREBUCHET. The UNSC was eventually able to decimate most of the URF forces on Eridanus II before they could establish a stronghold on the planet,[3] though many of Watts' rebels managed to flee to the Eridanus system's asteroid field.[1]

The government was likely dissolved when Eridanus II was glassed by the Covenant in 2530.[4]

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