Eridanus secessionists

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Eridanus secessionists


Rebel cell[1]

Societal overview

Notable leaders:

Robert Watts[1]

Historical overview


Pre-June 2494[2]


Secessionist Union[2]


The Eridanus secessionists[3] were a well-armed rebel cell[1] of the Secessionist Union.[2]


In June 2494,[2] the Eridanus secessionists would begin a campaign against the Eridanus Government[3] on Eridanus II[2] using equipment supplied by traitors within the Colonial Military Authority.[3] Local authorities would be overrun[2] and by January 2495, the colony would be under the control of the secessionists.[1][2] The Eridanus Government would petition for aid.[3]

This would lead to Operation: CHARLEMAGNE and result in the colony being recaptured by the UNSC.[2] However, this did not result in the destruction of the secessionists.[3]

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