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An operation is a planned military offensive conducted by a military force, generally against a specific enemy objective or group of objectives. Operations can be large scale military campaigns, battles or small, covert insertions. Operations receive unique code words to distinguish themselves from other actions without giving away sensitive information that could be intercepted by enemy forces.

Known Operations[edit]

  • Operation: ALL-SEEING EYE (February 8 2558) - An operation that saw Fireteam Majestic recon for a location for a possible base establishment on Requiem.[1]
  • Operation: ASTUTE TIGER - An operation Edward Buck participated in on Harvest which consisted of deploying ADM's to predicted Covenant landing zones prior to UNSC evacuation.
  • Operation: CHATTERBOX (February 9 2558) - An operation in which Fireteam Crimson and Fireteam Majestic were tasked to remove Covenant cultists in certain locations on Requiem, with Majestic focusing on a communications array.[1]
  • Operation: DAWN ECLIPSE (Prior to 2558) - A mission during which Spartan Locke served as security for an ONI xenoarchaeological survey team at a redacted location.
  • Operation: DELHI (Prior to 2558) - A denial of material mission against insurrectionist forces on Hat Yai, during which Spartan Locke succeeded in destroying twenty-one special technical assets.
  • Operation: DEVIL FREEDOM (Prior to August 2552) - Operation involving Kelly-087, who assisted the evacuation of civilians and targeting of Covenant landing craft for orbital bombardment on Imber
  • Operation: INSTINCT (2553) - An operation during which Fred-104 rescued UEG diplomatic personnel and eliminated insurrectionist forces on the human colony of Andesia.
  • Operation: IRON FIST (Mid 2540s) - An operation undertaken by John-117 during which he was deployed to Miridem with the duel goals of asset denial and partial recovery of critical cyberinfrastructure assets.
  • Operation: JOVIAN WHISTLE (May 2553) - Operation conducted by the UNSC on the human colony of Gao in order to retrieve Forerunner technology on the planet.
  • Operation: LAND GRAB (February 7 2558) - An mission which saw the initial assault and neutralization of Covenant positions inside Requiem.[1]
  • Operation: OCTAGON (Prior to 2553) - An operation undertaken by Linda-058. Mission details remain highly classified.
  • Operation: RED ROOM (Prior to 2530) - An operation undertaken by Linda-058. Mission details remain highly classified.
  • Operation: SENTRY (Prior to 2558) - Operation undertaken by Olympia Vale in which she served as an advisor to Central Command during negotiations between the UNSC and the Covenant fleet over Tribute.
  • Operation: SUNSPEAR (September - December 2552) - A secret ONI retaliatory mission against Sangheili naval commanders undertaken by Spartan-II Gray Team, which resulted in the complete destruction of the planet Glyke.
  • Operation: THREE-CARD MONTE (February 11 2558) - An search and destroy operation for several Covenant cultist outposts on Requiem.[1]
  • Operation: UPPER CUT (2552) - The UNSC deployment of the Sabre fighters against the Covenant onslaught during the Fall of Reach.
  • Operation: WEASLEY - A mission in which Spartan-IVs conducted field tests of the BARVO-class Mjolnir helmet.