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Eirene was a human colony world glassed by the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War some time before 2537.[note 1] It was the homeworld of the SPARTAN-III supersoldier Jonah-B283, whose entire family was killed in the glassing, making him one of the hundreds of war orphans conscripted into the program.[1] At some point during the Covenant's assault on the world, SPARTAN-II Kelly-087 triggered a reactor breach that led to a 50 megaton blast towards a Covenant forward operating base, as part of Operation: PALE SHADOW. The destruction of the base allowed the city of New Kona to temporarily survive the battle.[2]

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  1. ^ To have been in the field during the Human-Covenant War, Jonah must have been a graduate of either Alpha or Beta Company, as Gamma was still in training by late 2552. Beta Company was initiated in 2537, meaning the planet was glassed some time before it.


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