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"You are assassins. Weak and timid, you hide in the shadows..."
— Injured Sangheili

"Says the alien shit-heel who invented active-camo."
— Jonah

Jonah-B283 was a SPARTAN-III supersoldier of Beta Company,[2] serving within the UNSC Naval Intelligence Beta-5 Division. He was a member of an elite Headhunter team alongside fellow SPARTAN-III Roland-B210. During the Human-Covenant War, the two of them led a semi-successful attack on an unknown remote moon on which the Covenant were searching for Forerunner artifacts.[3]



Jonah was born on the human colony of Eirene.[1] When the colony was attacked and glassed by the Covenant in 2535,[4] his parents, brothers, and sisters were all killed.[1] Orphaned by the attack, Jonah would become one of the 418 candidates recruited by ONI for training as part of Spartan-III Beta Company circa 2539.[5][6][Note 1] During his training under Lieutenant Commander Kurt Ambrose, Jonah-B283 was found to be particularly proficient in combat. As such, he was assigned to separate special force units outside the general population of Beta Company, and thus did not participate in Operation: TORPEDO, a mission that resulted in the deaths of almost all of Beta Company.

Induction into the Headhunters[edit]

Jonah was inducted into a two-man fire team as part of the special operations program known as the Headhunters, meeting and exceeded all requirements. He was paired with Roland-B210, a fellow survivor of Beta Company, because their match rating was an impressive 97.36 percent—a score that only one other Headhunter team is known to have surpassed.[7]

Infiltration on unidentified moon[edit]

Main article: Mission to an unidentified moon

At some point during the Human-Covenant War, Jonah and Roland were assigned a mission to destroy six of ten identified Covenant bases located on an remote, unidentified moon, while another Headhunter team would destroy the remaining bases. After locating a base, they gathered intelligence about the enemy forces and then devised a plan to destroy the base camp.[3]

Inside the base, everything went according to the Spartans' plan. As Roland placed demolition charges in the base's reactors, Jonah eliminated several targets in the camp barracks by using energy disruptors and flashbang grenades to confuse his enemies. At one point, Jonah killed a Sangheili and beheaded its corpse with his combat knife. He began to taunt the remaining Covenant forces with the severed head and laughed as he watched their anger grow. Once he had his fun, he flung the head at the remaining Covenant and proceeded to kill them all.[3]

As Roland confirmed that the charges were in place, he was run through with a red-bladed energy sword from behind. Before Roland died, he managed to say the word "Clear", indicating that the charges were ready for Jonah to detonate. After briefly fighting the energy sword-wielding Sangheili, which was a member from the Covenant Special Operations group known as the Silent Shadow, Jonah discovered that the alien was not traveling alone, and had brought five other Silent Shadow Sangheili along with him.[3]

Jonah realized that he had been caught in a trap and that the Covenant knew about the Headhunters. After being grabbed and toyed with by the lead Silent Shadow, Jonah detonated the charges, taking the six Sangheili warriors with him, and incinerating Roland's corpse.[3]


Jonah, captured by the Sangheili.

The Sangheili in charge grabbed Jonah, dislocating his shoulder, using his energy sword to slowly slice a gash into Jonah's faceplate, destroying his eye in the process. Another Sangheili grabbed Jonah by the neck, but not before Jonah declared that his life for the six Sangheili' was a fair trade. He then released his finger from the detonator, activating the explosives. Jonah, the Sangheili, and the Covenant camp were vaporized,[8] with the exception of Jega 'Rdomnai, one of the Silent Shadow Sangheili. 'Rdomnai lost both his left arm and his left pair of mandibles in the explosion, and he became obsessed with hunting down Spartans and exacting his vengeance.[9]


Jonah-B283 wore standard issue green SPI armor with a few modifications, including VISR, and energy shielding. During the mission to the unidentified moon, Jonah wielded an M7S SMG, a suppressed M6C magnum, a combat knife, as well as energy disruptors and flashbang grenades.[3]


Jonah, as compared to his comrade Roland, was arrogant, cocky, and carefree. He fed off the heat of battle and taunted his enemies before he killed them, often mutilating their corpses in some fashion. Roland said that the only reason he received the active camo was that Jonah would use it to give a Unggoy a wedgie. Jonah often regarded his missions as a sort of game, with little regard for the possibility of his death. Roland called his teammate a sociopath because of the joy he took in killing Covenant, a trait the Spartan did not dispute.


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