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Her hair was in pigtails during the night of induction.[1]

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Jane-A203 was a SPARTAN-III supersoldier of Alpha Company. She was a member of Team Wolf Pack.[3]


Childhood and Spartan training[edit]

Jane was orphaned after her parents were killed by the Covenant when they glassed her homeworld. She was evacuated and sent to an orphanage until she volunteered for the SPARTAN-III program at age four in 2532. She hoped to get revenge on the Covenant for killing her family and destroying her homeworld.[citation needed]

She was sent to Camp Currahee on Onyx to be trained with Alpha Company by Lieutenant Kurt Ambrose and CPO Mendez. The first day there, she was the bravest candidate in the D77-TC Pelican and was the first to jump during a Falcon Wing exercise.[4]

Combat deployments and death[edit]

In late 2536, Jane graduated from Alpha Company, which was then deployed on numerous battlefields, against both Insurrectionists and the Covenant. These included the insurrection of Mamore, the Battle of New Constantinople, skirmishes in the Bonanza asteroid belt and the Far-gone colony platforms, along with half a dozen other engagements over a period of nine months.[5]

She was killed during Operation: PROMETHEUS in summer 2537 along with all 300 of the Spartans of Alpha Company. Her fellow Alpha Company Spartans, Robert-A057 and Shane-A112 attempted to drag her body away after she died, but both were killed.[6] Kurt, who later viewed the footage from one of the Spartans' helmet cameras, was profoundly distraught by her death, along with those of the rest of Alpha Company. He attributed their demise primarily to loss of unit cohesion during the battle and would later make an effort to emphasize the importance of teamwork when training the next company of the Spartan-IIIs.[7]

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