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July 3, 2545

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Min-B174 was a Spartan-III supersoldier and a member of Beta Company's Team Foxtrot.


Early life and training[edit]

Min was orphaned by the Covenant when they glassed his homeworld and killed his parents. He was selected as a viable candidate for the SPARTAN-III program's Beta Company and volunteered to the program in order to get revenge for his parents around 2539. He was trained by then-Lieutenant Kurt Ambrose and Senior Chief Petty Officer Mendez for six years. Min, along with Tom-B292, Lucy-B091 and Adam-B004, became Team Foxtrot,[1] one of Beta Company's organized combat teams.

Operation: TORPEDO[edit]

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On July 3, 2545, Beta Company was sent to destroy a Covenant refinery on Pegasi Delta. As the Spartans faced superior enemy forces, they were almost all killed, but Fireteam Foxtrot managed to reach the inside of the refinery. There, Adam-B004 was incapacitated by Needler rounds, but he still managed to hold off the Covenant forces so the rest of his team could continue.[2] Min, Lucy and Tom continued to the refinery's fusion reactor core and attempted to destroy it using explosive charges. As Min was planting a charge, the EMP field of the reactor triggered his charge, vaporizing him.[3]

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