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Kevin-A282 is a SPARTAN-III commando trained and augmented as part of Alpha Company.[1]


Childhood and training[edit]

Kevin was identified as a potential candidate for the first class of the SPARTAN-III program at a young age and, after "volunteering" for the program, was taken to the classified world Onyx for training under Lieutenant Kurt Ambrose and SCPO Franklin Mendez in late 2532.[1] Shortly before Operation: PROMETHEUS in 2537, Kevin (alongside Jun-A266 and Hazel-A302) was removed from Alpha Company and placed into the burgeoning Headhunter program by request of Deep Winter. This was done by Deep Winter out of his own personal care for the Spartan trainees and a desire not to see them all perish in PROMETHEUS, leading him to impersonate Lt. Ambrose and order the reassignment in a communique that would go unrealized until the AI's "deathbed confession" in 2551.[2]

As part of this reassignment, Kevin and his peers were given Mjolnir armor. He had fought the Covenant on many worlds such as Kholo, Meridian, and even Sigma Octanus IV.[1]

Losing Hand[edit]

In 2552 he had been in an engagement that caused significant damage to his armor and fresh scars on his face. Exactly what happened on the mission is unclear but several ONI agents were sent to a field hospital with multiple broken bones. Whatever had happened resulted in Kevin being recalled to Earth. However, the military cargo tender he was on, the UNSC Dark Was the Night, was attacked by the Covenant. During the attack, Kevin saved Captain Darren Leone's life after dragging him away from an open airlock. The ship was severely damaged and was forced to crash land on the Outer Colony world Losing Hand. One month after the crash, Kevin left and did not come back; he did not respond to comms, and men sent to search for him found nothing. Everyone knew he was still around because people had seen him standing sentinel on the headlands. Since they were outnumbered, the crew used him to keep the locals from taking the ship. Because of his absence he was labeled a deserter by some of the crew.[1]

One year after crash landing on Losing Hand a Makar-pattern light corvette, The Lookout, was spotted at the edge of the star system. Now the acting CO and planning for an attack, Leone sought Kevin out for assistance. At first Kevin refused, but returned just as the local population, led by Ryan Larsson, was attempting to seize the ship. Kevin once again saved Leone's life when he shot Larsson's shotgun with his SRS99 sniper rifle, destroying it. Soon after the corvette arrived and was revealed to be friendly. Two weeks later Kevin accepted the ship's offer of leaving the planet, wanting to feel useful again.[1]


Kevin wore blue Mark V MJOLNIR armor accented with crimson and black stripes.[1]

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