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July 3, 2545

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Adam-B004 was a SPARTAN-III supersoldier. He was a member of SPARTAN-III Beta Company's Team Foxtrot along with Tom-B292, Lucy-B091 and Min-B174.[1]


Early life and training[edit]

Likely orphaned by the Covenant when they glassed his homeworld and killed his parents, Adam was selected as a candidate for the Spartan-III program's Beta Company, initiated around 2539.[2][3][Note 1] He volunteered for the SPARTAN-III program to find his revenge on the Covenant who murdered his family, and was trained by then-Lieutenant Kurt Ambrose, a former SPARTAN-II, and Chief Petty Officer Mendez for roughly six years. Adam, along with Tom-B292, Lucy-B091 and Min-B174, became Team Foxtrot, one of the organized Spartan-III fireteams.[1]

Operation: TORPEDO[edit]

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On July 3, 2545, Beta Company was sent to destroy a Covenant refinery on Pegasi Delta.[1] As the Spartans faced superior enemy forces, they were wiped out, but Fireteam Foxtrot managed to reach the inside of the refinery. There Adam was wounded when he was shot with Needler rounds in the back from several Elites. The Elites' rounds penetrated his SPI armor and punctured his spine, immobilizing him from the waist down.[4] Adam remained to hold off the approaching forces and delay them so his teammates could accomplish the mission.[4]

He was most likely killed or severely wounded by the overwhelming enemy forces, and was confirmed to be dead when the refinery was destroyed.

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  1. ^ Lessons Learned establishes that Beta Company members Tom-B292 and Lucy-B091 were six years old when they started their training. Page 106 of the Halo Encyclopedia (2022 edition) establishes that Tom and Lucy were born on April 14, 2533 and January 28, 2533, respectively. This makes Beta Company's start date somewhere between April 2539 and January 2540.


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